June 1, 2023

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The government finds it “funny” that the employer is threatening employees to vote for ND.

A video of an insurance company’s CEO threatening employees to vote for New Democracy in the election, in front of Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis, has provoked reactions and put the government in a quandary.

Asked by News 24/7 If such behaviors are acceptable, government representative Agis Skourtsos responded:

“No worker can be subjected to any kind of threat from the employer. The government has tools like labor inspection and digital labor card to control the arbitrariness of the employer. There is zero tolerance for such behavior. Mr. Georgiadis made it clear that it was a joke and later corrected it, which can also be seen in the video.”

It may be recalled that when the Development Minister visited NOS Insurance, the CEO of the insurance company effectively threatened the workers to vote for ND.

“I put in a colon. The minister speaks softly. I said it more strongly yesterday. There is no choice here, our work, our daily life, our future – I will say it again – depends on a country governed with a proper government.” At the outset it states and refers to the 2015 period: “When the banks were closed we went out guys, you remember what was going on, with phones and partners, with people and compensations.”

«I am not a democrat in these matters. I have proved it to you. But I am fair. Since some of you have decided to revolt for x, ψ reasons, it is unfair that we all have to pay for it, so we need to discuss it” Characteristically Mr. Lyakus mentions.

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Mr. Georgiadis did not react, simply saying: “I don’t interfere in them, everyone votes what they want.”

And then by posting it On Twitter, the development minister said the businessman was joking.

However, the workers in the insurance industry did not find it funny and that is why they held a meeting outside the company today to talk to the company employees, while there was an intervention by the union of the employees in the insurance companies.

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