December 2, 2023

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The government is throwing up its “arm” of criminal charges against Tsipras

ready Go on a counter attack Throwing in the hands of the official opposition, a government called Alexis Tsipras, its leader, appears To move a motion of no confidence to become Above all, a broad debate in Parliament Both for the case monitoring And what is hidden behind it To the programs and days of the SYRIZA government its revival and overallBut also for the positions he takes on key issues like handling immigration.

SYRIZA President’s initiative Christos Rammos, President of the Commission for the Guarantee of Privacy, on Tuesday morning The latter several hours later to receive a letter addressed to other political leaders and the Speaker of Parliament This gave the government a basis to denounce fraud Meanwhile, Mr. Collusion of ADAE leadership with Tsipras. Request a meeting with the President of the Republic, Katerina SakellaropoulouTo immediately announce that the names of the individuals who were kept under surveillance are intended to be released in Parliament this Wednesday.

The SYRIZA leader left the presidential palace was used Harsh expressions against Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, I request you to resign. “We are no longer talking to speculation based on publications, we are talking to evidence gathered by a constitutionally competent authority to preserve communications during the trials conducted. Telecom providers“, said Mr. Tsipras.

“They confirm Our worst fears, that EYPIn the guise of national security, Mr. Subsequent provisions, supervised by Mitsotakis and signed by a competent attorney, Ms. Vilachau, Breached confidentiality of communications and intercepted phone calls of politicians, members of parliament, MEPs, ministers, soldiers and journalists and leadership. armed forces“, and Mr. Tsipras.

Speaking of a “democratic perversion” that “cannot be unaccountable in a state of law, a privileged state”, the official opposition leader concluded: “Prime Minister who needs to eavesdrop on diversion and cover-up carry out policies His Responsibilities and Resignation. The rest of the details will be in Parliament tomorrow. The light of truth has defeated the obscuring darkness, and justice and democracy are sure to win.”
Directly responding to his words, Government representative Yiannis Oikonomou spoke of “the unconsciousness of Mr. Tsipras”. And with that it was “Done A pattern that has been going on for months now”. As he added, all of this “results in unsubstantiated, fanciful and completely unrealistic conclusions with material that has long been at the disposal of pressure networks”.

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Addressing Syriza, a government spokesman said: “Let him have the courage to move a motion of censure against the government.” And he explained: “We will discuss everything there. All. What Greece was like when Mr. Tsipras was Prime Minister and how it is today. The rule of law is left in the hands of witnesses like “Maximo Sarabi” who was arrested for fraud today. Confessions of money bags to go To fund SYRIZA. A2 and Cyprus Offshore. The Tragedy of the Presumed Dead Mary. All these and more. So we are waiting.”

If Syriza submits an audit motion, information from government sources is not ruled out. The government must counter-proposal to convert the confidence vote into a motion to renew.

ADAE President’s “privileged relationship” with SYRIZA

Mr. On the occasion of the Ramos document, which was first received by Tsipras and then reached the speaker of the parliament and other political leaders, the government representative pointed out: “These links, without a doubt, are not known to the prime minister. The government. No update and no information has been received. To the knowledge of the Prime Minister and Govt. Justice must bring to light the true dimension of this case and which dirty networks privileged and systematically sent material and information to specific mechanisms. The dirty networks that are trying to hurt the government indiscriminately are finally working At the expense of the motherland».

At the same time, he accused Mr. complained to Ramos that:

• Reached out to mobile operators to verify privacy clearances, in violation of clear provision of law. ADAE It keeps a complete file of the attorney’s orders in its files and can do a simple cross-check. The aim was to create impressions and his act was warmly appreciated by Syriza. In fact, the opinion of the Advocate General of the Supreme Court was ignored, even though the administration as per the Constitution is fully subject to judicial function.

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• In addition, a demand was submitted to the Parliamentary Committee in defiance of any authority and despite the clear constitutional provision. President of ADAE. SYRIZA immediately accepted the initiative.

• In the face of apparent lawlessness, the head was forced to fold.

• A plenary session of the ADAE was systematically boycotted, defying any notion of collective action. There is no decision of the body, but only the judgment of its head.

• Although requests were submitted to Parliament, there was frequent contact with executives and the head of Syriza, “deposits” in European institutions and articles, there was no contact with the Prime Minister for almost four years. If someone thinks there is an issue of constitutional violation, isn’t it normal for him to include the Prime Minister in the intervenors to make him public?

• In the context of the “activity” mentioned above, the leaders of the parties elected in this particular period to change the interpretation attributed to ADAE itself to the law that has been in force for twenty years. Mr. Although Rammos himself had explained that he was only informing the parliament about the statistics, he suddenly gave the opposite explanation and personalized the information. Apparently, he wants to become a political actor in a crucial period.

According to a government spokesperson, “It is a big mistake that the president of ADE has been making for a long time, Institutional and Political, Mr. Referring to Tsipras, he pointed out that “as official opposition leader and former prime minister, he must reflect on his state responsibilities.” Finally, he argued “GovtWith absolute commitment to the Constitution and laws and undivided faith in its work Independent Greek JudiciarySince it has been clear from the beginning on the issue of links, its disclosure is warranted Full truth and political nature».

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