February 7, 2023

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The great disappointment from the Olympiacos players and the big question about Mitchell Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

K commented. Nikolakopoulos in his blog in the Official Gazette on the image of Olympiacos yesterday in Ioannina, at the level of team, individual and training.

instead of an introduction: When Olympiacos players defend like a normal team in the corners and in each opponent’s mistakes, we discuss it again about goals, etc., etc.

What do I do, paint it? I wrote that Ioannina is the most difficult seat in the region for Olympiacos. However, Olympiacos entered the second half as if to do a chore in an indifferent cup match, as they secured qualification.

Must if I was The only one I was afraid of in the first half, with a score of 2-0! I was afraid, because I had seen this play before, some years ago, with Olympiacos leading 2-0 in Ioannina and tied 2-2 with two goals even in the last quarter, in November 2009. But why would we go this far? Last year PAS did not lose 0-2 in Karaiskakis, drew 2-2 in the 80th minute and lost with a goal in the 98th minute? When you forget what happened to your team in the last tournament, you are irreparable. How much more, when you did not win on your last visit to Ioannina (1-1)…

disappointment Real for Olympiacos 2-2, which became even more painful than Ionikos-PAO 1-1 a little later. So far this season, we’ve gotten used to the team not being able to maintain a 1-0 advantage. Yesterday he changed his form and failed to maintain a 2-0 advantage … And the worst thing is that PAS deserved the equalizer and could have easily turned the game around, because in the second half he had two goals, crossbar and others. Four (!!!) missed chances, as was one chance and another, as Ritsos made a save with the referee signaling offside, but wrongly as the replays showed – the stage was borderline, but if VAR goals were scored, they would “show” crosses.

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At the same time In the second half, Olympiacos decided to attack only after 2-2!!! Until then, 76the In other words, he was playing the passer in the middle and on his defense! And when he attacked, Gassemi found himself finishing the two most dangerous stages, and he did it in the worst way. With Fortounis finally trying to threaten with two shots, which were, however, practice shots. In fact, the sadness becomes even greater, when you as an Olympiacos person have 19 minutes in front of you after 2-2 (at the final whistle on 95 minutes) and you don’t even create a clear chance to score a goal, create a picture. From a team that accepts the humiliating result.

how is she A team that in the first 45 minutes had a 7-1 (!) Finals, was constantly threatening and had Fortunis igniting by scoring and assisting, but also an Arab striker, a regular at Olympiacos, who turned in the second half? I’m sure it’s a combination of bad mentality (come on baby, the set’s over, let’s do some maintenance and go) and bad physical condition. Honestly, has this team ever worked in a one month break from the league to improve their stamina? Sorry, but we didn’t see anything like this yesterday. On the contrary, we saw negativity throughout the second half of Olympiacos, as PAS was above it in terms of determination, energy and intensity.


We all say on defense, but when the whole team is bogey for 45 minutes I wouldn’t throw them on defense. I don’t know, maybe I don’t see the ball myself, but what I saw in the second half was that only Androutsos and Ritsos gave everything, even with their own mistakes. Let Huang be somewhat fit. Al-Arabi was absent in this half. Bell was not there from the first half! Hamis was walking. Embila first decided to do something in the 80’sthe Minute, thin! Ryabciuk is now permanently humble and Doe is not as convincing as he was in his early days. Fortunes made 20% of his performance in the first half.

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What I saw Who is the coach? Much to my surprise, he did nothing as he watched his team crawl. Since the first quarter of the second half, Al-Arabi, Hamas and Bial had to be replaced. However, he left Olympiacos like this for the full 25 minutes, making his first moves in the 70th minute. But with PAS, having now scored, he missed several chances and took the psyche of the match. Somehow the two changes were made after 1-2 and the other two after 2-2… I really wonder what Mitchell was thinking and he didn’t do anything in the second half. No matter what the changes would do, the team had to bring in fresh blood, because things just weren’t working. The role of the coach is not only to prepare for the match, but also to help his team when they need it.


after However, the changes, which he made late, were bad. And I’m not talking about Bakaboo, who set a world record by touching the ball once in 25 minutes! However, I don’t understand why Samaseku, who made a substitute in the previous match, wasn’t included, and also why Masouras didn’t play another minute – by the way, Gary didn’t do anything and Kasami made all the mistakes. Di Marcelo, with all his weaknesses behind him, had cleaned up the previous match with two personal goals – and played the quarter-finals yesterday.

I have written about Paskalakis three times. 80% of the goals he scored in Olympiacos, as well as in the national team, were scored while standing. Yesterday especially the lack of reaction to the first goal was unacceptable. Yes, the shot was hard, but you want the goalkeeper to give you a hard shot from outside the area.

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It is irrelevant, has nothing to do with the topic: With the only classic winger, Gary, playing the way he does when he can play, having a winger is essential because Bowler doesn’t count. De Mancini could theoretically be adapted more easily than anything else.