May 30, 2023

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The haunted chocolatier will have some connection to Stardew Valley

The haunted chocolatier will have some connection to Stardew Valley

Stardu Valley Developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone revealed on Twitter that his upcoming game, haunted chocolateAnd the It will at least have some connection to Stardu Valley.

The game was announced last October, but a release date has not been set yet. The game’s early demo revealed a kind of chocolate factory simulation, with a little ghost running a shop (the haunted part has to come somewhere!). Despite any connections, Barron says he wants the game to have its own “identity”.

In the same tweet, Barron revealed that Stardew Valley will be getting a new patch, although it will be mostly Focus on editing. Any new content in patch 1.6 will be minimal. As for future spots, nothing has been set on stone yet.

Stardu Valley It came out in 2016 and follows the player character who moves to a small town after inheriting a dilapidated farm. In addition to growing crops, the player can also hunt, mine, fight monsters, communicate with community members (and also find love). Previous updates to Stardu Valley Includes new crops, local multiplayer, and Islands to explore.

There is no set date for the new Stardu Valley patch or haunted chocolate.

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