December 7, 2022

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The iconic illuminated Apple logo will return to MacBook computers – Apple

as InformationThe iconic illuminated Apple logo is set to return to the company’s future laptops. Its cancellation in 2015 caused reactions from many friends of the company’s products.

In a patent filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office by Apple itself in May 2022 and published last week, various applications are summarized.Electronic devices with partial mirror back structures». The above description may be confusing at first, but the examples shown in the Apple app leave no doubt about the use case Apple has in mind.

An electronic device such as a laptop or other device may have a case. Components such as a display and keyboard may be housed in said housing. The back of the housing may contain a logo. The logo or other structures on the device may be fitted with a partially reflective backlit mirror. The mirror can give the logo or other structures a glossy appearance while preventing the internal components from appearing normal.At the same time, the partial transparency of the mirror allows the backlight from inside the device to pass through.

One or more thin layers can be configured to provide the partially reflective mirror the desired visible light reflection spectrum, visible light transmission spectrum, and visible light absorption spectrum. Mirror Reflection can be configured to act as a one-way mirror for a logo or other structure. The mirror can be a neutral color like light gray or it can be a non-neutral color like gold.”

website Obviously the appleHe, who was also the first to report the existence of the document, noted that three of the engineers named in the patent application only joined Apple in 2018, long after removing the back logo from its MacBook laptops. This may indicate that the document describes a different methodology for implementing the illuminated logo.

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The first Mac notebook with the illuminated Apple logo was the third-generation PowerBook G3, which was released in 1999 and since then, for the next 16 years, has been in every company’s laptop. The only change that was made was to flip the logo vertically so it wouldn’t appear upside down to a full screen MacBook user. In 2015, Apple first removed the luminous logo from the ultra-thin 12-inch MacBook in favor of a shiny metallic emblem, like the one on the iPad font. This trend continued in 2016, when the new generation of MacBook Pro laptops appeared, where the luminous logo gave way to the metallic logo.