April 1, 2023

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The iPhone 15 Pro battery will last longer – here’s why

As evidenced by the following battery iPhone They will last longer, drastically improving this very important aspect of the experience. More specifically, the next generation iPhone 15 forefront Ha apple It is expected to be equipped with the brand new a17 electronic chipwhich will depend on architecture 3nm Ha TSMC. This new CPU will bring significant improvements to both performance and battery life, and has been rumored for quite some time.

Now the mediator DigiTimes Comes to confirm from his own sources that in fact apple It will make the transition to 3nm. This decision is hers apple to iPhone 15 forefront It comes more than three years after the first ones were released iPhone with 5 processorsnm. Yes, although the iPhone 14 forefront Much faster and more efficient iPhone 13 forefront Thanks for the upgrade slices a16 electronic Although it marketing Company phrases according to Lunch eventthe node of the processor again at 5 nm.

So, moving on to 3nm After years is expected to be accompanied The biggest leap in performance and battery life we’ve seen in generations iPhone. After all, the CPU is probably the most important factor in overall battery life, along with the capacity of the battery itself and the efficiency of the screen.

excludes a17 electronic chipthe apple Seems to be working on addons too Chips With low power consumption, such as specially adapted 5g Modems to be manufactured in 4nm. Indeed, along with improvements hardwarethe apple It plans to further improve its software so that it works better with this news Chips for perfect performance.

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At this point it is worth noting the simplicity iPhone 15 will come again with slices a16 electronic To keep a distance between the primary and the “forefront“Models. So, all these 3 benefitsnm its architecture a17 electronic will relate exclusively to iPhone 15 forefront. Whatever the case, if this information is correct, then the the nextThe general its devices appleat least when they first appear, they are expected to have most advanced chip from any thing else smart phone In the market.

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