November 29, 2022

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The Lich Fathers and the Apocalyptic Normalization of Crimes

Although I wouldn’t say I believe in the zodiac, Since they are not scientifically proven, I understand using them as something fun and interesting to pass the time.

When it is well written – and don’t take themselves as seriously as the Bible or the Ten Commandments – can provide motivation, encouragement, ideas, and/or practical solutions. Not necessarily because grouping different people under one zodiac sign means anything, but because when written with humor and by people who empathize and care (which at least here on LIFO is), they can make you cringe and think differently about something. And even by accident, they might drop in – and tell you not what you want, but what you might need.


There is a limit to astrological predictions. They cease to be a naughty and interesting thing, something we read to pass the time, when they claim to possess the ultimate truth and give “orders” in matters of great importance (sometimes life and death).

And they cease to be a bad thing And fun at people who convert signs in a huge businesswith appearances in shows, with magazines and entire websites (Make endless money from their predictions), take their “findings” seriously, and—inevitably—grind everything in a blender. Even heinous crime cases.

the correct We are outraged by the astronomical “analysis”. Actor and astrologer (!) Pavlos Hechalis in relation to Ilias Michos.

I remember drawing an astrological chart Mr Heckles said:

“Ilias Michos is a man who wants a lot at this time sex, Saturn is responsible for everything that happened. Indeed, as you will see in the future, it will go down the drain.”

correctly They wrote in ampa for “the melancholy that his own manifesto hides”sex“, when every day the names of people paying for the rape of a 12-year-old are published.”

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But the thing had already run away a long time ago.

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in the summer of 21, After telling everyone the long and short of Caroline’s murder by her husband, Papis Anagnostopoulos, he asks Litsa Patera to speak as well.

The original interview According to YouWeekly, excerpts from it were broadcast on the morning open show:

Looking at her map, I noticed that Caroline was also in another country, in Alaska for example, Again it will have the same resultbecause Venus is very “hit”.

Basically, it’s not the killer’s fault, But Venus is in its astrological chart for the victim! Caroline nothing will be spared, whatever he did.

If he had even seen the killer’s map Babis Anagostopoulou, he may have made a remark of the sort of Hikali, that it was not his fault in the first place, but, say, Mercury retrograde It made him want a lot killingAnd in any country in the world he would have been killed.

outrageous things, that if we took them seriously, we would have to abolish our judicial system. Why judge if your actions are the planets? Why are you being condemned because no matter what you do and no matter where you go you can’t avoid fate?

What message does all this send?

(In a story by Michaela Zorba that talks about both Hekali and Litsa Patera, I read: Why do we normalize violence and sexual abuse of children? What the hell is happening to us? “).

What Mrs. Letsa Patera said They were things that, if someone had said it at random, we would either have said he needed help, or he was just doing just fine for us. If he were famous, he would have been kicked off TV and his career would have been ruined.

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But Mrs. Litsa Patera Astrologer She is still considered (by her wide audience) as a respectable lady who predicts the future.

Indeed, the future that no one can change…

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