December 4, 2023

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The matches you don’t play: you win! | Blog – George Tsakiris

The matches you don’t play: you win!  |  Blog – George Tsakiris

Giorgos Tsakiris puts him up front before the derby, highlights AEK’s not-to-be-missed opportunity, writes about the strength of the home team and has an entourage…

I have been discussing it for days with my friends and acquaintances. We were talking about it yesterday Patiacaque (The Wonderful Academy) where we take our kids and instead of looking at what they’re doing on the lawn we’re dealing with, what else, Eck And how we will win the championship (and the Novibet Cup, of course – of course). We’ve analyzed it 100 times with everyone New Philadelphia: Can you imagine that tonight at 19:00 was the last game of the season? Should the championship, the same cup, be played in our stadium, in our city, in our home, as it once was with the same opponent? Do you realize what will happen today across the city from dawn until 24 hours later?

However, this is the final game of the regular season for the tournament and the following Play. The powerful mini-league in which Eck to Matthias Almeida He wants (and must) enter first, with a difference from Olympiacos, which he faces, and PAOK, who left eight points behind for a long time. Obviously, the goal is to maintain this difference from her team You get stuck And he takes off to the corresponding 9 (difference) he has with him Olympic (Prior to the position at New Philadelphia, Dikephalos was in the plus-6 of Mitchell’s team.)

This is also a great and unique opportunity for her joins In light of the playoffs you must not let it go to waste. The AEK we see this year are not allowed to do that and especially on their home court, where they only count wins, concede goals by dropper (only 2) and at the same time are not threatened by their opponents, no matter who they face. The Pelados have never conceded more than 2 or 3 stages in a match and this is finally reflected in their final coefficient of goals where, as I noted above, it is only 2 against them and they have 37 in their favour. Hell, you call them outrageous numbers at the moment when they count 14 wins in the most matches in their new stadium!

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Obviously, the big gun is its seat Eck But it wouldn’t be enough on its own to give her victory. Everything I mentioned above about its benefits biceps If Olympiacos wins, it means one thing in my head: you don’t play this derby, you just win it, regardless, which is what my dear Englishmen also say! To achieve this habit you must be spiritually prepared in…God and I appreciate what I learned from the report that this is exactly what Matthias Almeida And judging by the cup match with him OlympicWell, he probably knows how to do it, but well…

Matias Almeida, Garcia and Zuber …

Yes, it is true, h Eck She is the big favorite to win the victory, but she faces a team that will come to play … the rest to stay “alive” overall for the year! It’s never easy in Olympiacos with DNA The winner manages defeats in both institutions of the federation (not just imagine). I think we strengthened that in 2018 when Dikvalos eliminated him again from the league (with 1-2 in Valero then) and from the cup in the same season. They will sell more expensive than any other team and will seek to give them a funeral and become the first team – too – to break their own unbeaten record in their new stadium.

His team is in great shape…over the moon MitchellObviously, he has major absences, especially for him Impella, but he has psychology, a good atmosphere again within the team (better than before), a coach… he puts it together and I repeat (most importantly) a very big desire which is always important in these matches. good for her Eck is that while it’s not burning for victory, it’s not a one-way road in sight Play, Everyone sees it this way, there is not even a conversation, a thought, a whisper about two outcomes. Everyone inside, outside and … moreover in the team shouting for victory and nothing else!

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Quite right and justified because we said that it offers an unprecedented level of security in play: because with one bar (common victory), three times (sending Olympiacos and PAOK off the top), simply and clearly. The entire football department of AEK knows this better than anyone else, and of course Matías Almeida and his teammates. But there is also the most important thing, which is the competition, as the Argentine coach also saw that Levi García is ready for this particular derby, which is the best overall, he saw it well for this reason and Van Veert was left out, because he’s been there for four now and Zuber …

it is clear that Eck It will be presented as it is in most matches, especially against Olympiacos. Now, especially since it will not be easy for the opponent to build a creation from his defense, or his first half (since Impila is missing), Dikefalos will seek to go with more fury and intensity to press in the first Olympian III. His goal will be – always logical – to force the opponent to choose to play with the big balls from his defense to the attack and if he goes to choose the build to choke him, steal the balls from him and launch direct attacks!

Hello: Undoubtedly, the two days started great in Arta … AEK confirmed that this season they are the best team in women’s volleyball and celebrated winning the cup, the first title of the year since they won the championship and among the favourites, in a beautiful final against Panathinaikos and in fact with The fans of the two teams in the Arta stadium. Like we would love for that to happen… The yellow and black proved in the semi-finals that they deserved the trophy more than their opponents, because in order to win the green they first had to eliminate PAOK in the semi-finals… Well done to the girls, to the coaching of Ocal, to the people who were There again (and from the semi-finals, in fact), but also to manage the team they have created.

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Y2: Earlier, we also had a win in basketball, which, despite the absence and fatigue from the effort in France and the double with Limoges, prevailed fairly easily over the Rhodes team. It shows that AEK is on the right track in basketball after early season adventures and can make things happen. I hope he has completed the team as now in the cup and the last four in Crete because he will easily reach the final and play it evenly… On Wednesday in Leuzia, AEK must feel the strength of the home team and of course Galatasaray…