December 3, 2022

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The mother could not bear her debts and committed suicide by falling onto the tracks with her daughter

Young woman Mother Who did not pay some of the rent and bills, he took the three-year-old girl in her arms and jumped in front of the train, ending their lives in the most tragic way.

The 27χρονη Lygan Melsade Redmond Before he killed himself on February 18, 2019, he was taken to court for unpaid bills.

She was seen, wrapped in the coat, walking hand in hand with her daughter, Mellady, at the station 1 hour and 12 minutes before they died.

Describing TV footage showing the mother and daughter today, the assistant coroner told the court: “Unfortunately, what we see is she has the little boy in her arms, jumps onto the tracks and then gets hit by the train.”

British police said the deaths were a suspicious accident. The detective investigating the case told the inquest that a financial investigator looked into Redmond’s living conditions before she made her decision. to end her life.

The court heard that the young mother had not paid the electricity and rent bills.

The tragic irony is that the woman was on the verge of settling her debts but apparently couldn’t handle the pressure.

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