September 22, 2023

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The new free Christmas game from the Epic Games Store is for fans of the Elden Ring

The new free Christmas game from the Epic Games Store is for fans of the Elden Ring

the Epic Games Store continues its promotional campaign, giving away another game to birthdaywhich this time is a wink for Elden Ring fans looking for something similar.

Getting into the details, starting today, Wednesday, December 28, at 6:00 pm. And for 24 hours, you have a chance to make it yours Deadly shell. It is a soul-like experience that was first released in the summer of 2020, and has received positive reviews from media and players.

Like Elden Ring and FromSoftware’s Souls, Mortal Shell is a melee-focused third-person role-playing experience that promises to test your abilities and skills. As players, you will encounter the lost warriors, the “shells”, and must locate the hidden shrines of the faithful. In fact, the enemies you will encounter show no mercy and require reflexes, precision, and instinct.

If you haven’t played the title yet, the Epic Games offer is perfect and if you pick it up, the game will remain forever in your digital library for you to enjoy at your convenience.

Get Mortal Shell absolutely free Click here.

For the record, in’s review of Mortal Shell, o Sakis Karpas pointed out:

the deadly Shell, I say it’s a small production, with a big heart. She was visibly affected and drew on her pain FromSoftware, its address the cold Symmetry – 15 people please – is the “perfect” alternative and the closest thing to it Souls has ever been released, at least in art direction. in a budget price and withbudget” of no more than 20-25 hours, I highly recommend it to everyone Master of fans Miyazaki. However, the souls Clones that look more like Souls, they are inevitably compared to her too. And the comparison can only be fatal. So if you get into the process of putting it “side by side” the result will be funny, which is why I insist deadly Shell should only be honored by people who are “tired” dark Soul Sands Bloodborne and you just want to see some small efforts that have some interesting ideas in them. In conclusion, let me say that with good funding, and of course, with the support of more human resources, the the cold Symmetry has all the ingredients to give a “great” value. sequel.

You can read his opinion in detail Click here.

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