April 1, 2023

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The reaction of the stands from the “care” ball | Blog – Vassilis Samprakos

Vassilis Samprakos writes about the attitude of fans in Premier League matches towards the Tempe tragedy. The attitude that shows that they “don’t bribe us”.

Yes, it is important to talk about the competitive and psychological situation in which AEK, Olympiacos and PAOK have shown themselves – a situation that “promises” us that they will finish “together” in the second round, and therefore we are waiting for an exciting playoff. . Yes, there are other “important” things, strictly in terms of competition and football, and even fun events, like seeing a 17-year-old, Stefanos Gemma, walk into Tumba and lift the weight of the shirt and expectations and score on his first chance. But all this is insignificant in front of the scene that took place in the stands of the Superleague stadiums, because everything that remains is insignificant in front of life itself, in front of security and the basic specifications of our quality of life.

It is not the rare “civilization” shown by all the spectators in the country’s stadiums during the minute’s silence before the start of the matches that creates the surprise. Naturally, this time when everyone knew that dozens of young children had lost their lives, the spectators were silent at that moment. The sails they hung and didn’t hang, the crests, and their stance during matches gave you the feeling that they were all in agreement. And precisely because it was not, that is, because all this was not the product of consultation in order for all to communicate together about what is being seen, that is why this group reaction is so valuable. It was the reaction of people who feel, identify, and care.

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I noticed it a few days ago, and I think those who run the country openly or secretly have traditionally bet on our ability to quickly forget and forgive everything. Everything that has been happening in the country over the past five days creates hope that we will not forget this time so quickly. It is this feeling that has already put those who communicate on behalf of those who make decisions in Greece on edge. You realize, especially in the last 48 hours, that what’s happening in the country is starting to worry them. If that continues, it will scare them because, among other things, there is an election coming up now.

Football also showed his mourning 13 months ago, in the days following the murder of Alkis Campanos. And then there were quite a few who did not remain in mourning, expressed themselves, if only for a while. This time, the first reaction by the people in the stands was even more strident – as, too, on the country’s roads. I’m in no hurry to think that the world is “waking up,” but this time at least it’s interesting, because so many showed that the Tempe tragedy and its true causes made them feel that the limits of their tolerance had been exceeded.