May 30, 2023

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The real Olympiacos demands to appear on the stage | Blog – Nikos Papadogiannis

Nikos Papadogiannis believes it is finally time for Olympiacos to prove that the top spot in the regular season was not a vision of a wintry night.

In a match that brought him face to face with an opponent at worst and at best inferior but able to close the gaps with his fists, Olympic He is now invited to play in three consecutive finals maybe To justify the regular season championship and the praise laden on his shoulders by the righteous and the unjust.

To redeem, at the same time, the sweat of seven months combined. As it progressed throughout the winter, Olympiacos earned the right to say goodbye to the “first leg” early, on May 5, just like last year. The fifth game will be played on Tuesday against a red background, surrounded by auspicious traditions that want all guests to submit, easy or difficult: 15 Fifth game15 home wins.

Remember that match Olympiaco Efes Where Piraeus came back from a double-digit defect in the fourth period and you’ll agree with me that in volcanoes lava always flows in the same direction. No. 1 hasn’t been beaten by No. 8 since the current behavior system was put in place, but this “absolutely” will let me step aside. How many times in the past has an eighth player and coach participated in this year Fenerbahçe;

Because lies are bad, useless and counterproductive, we have to admit that in this 2-2 draw, Fenerbahçe are “in the lead”, because they have been the better of the two teams so far, even if only by the difference in the chest and the few centimeters it took for the ball to slip. In the Turkish basket from his torpedo Kostas Slukas. superior in tactic, superior in tact, superior in character, superior in manners and conspicuous appearance.

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But when a 5-game series ends, the “points” and “seeds” in the first 4 rounds no longer matter. As long as Olympiacos wins on Tuesday, no one will remember if the right thing was the right thing Hayes Davies the Davis Hayes.

It was, however, a great opportunity tonight, one of those where you sometimes look in the mirror and wonder how you ended up hitting the rocks. Olympiacos could win in the quarter-finals, even with such an often disappointing picture, even with amazing stats due to misspellings.

We’re talking about the game in which the opponent shot 50% into the players and won twice as many shots, the game in which the 20-25 assist got stuck in the 11 and his main gear betrayed him, the game that entered the final stage with a solid lead (59-60 with 4:19 to go) , h Lantern He would have to make 6/6 3-pointers down the stretch to win by a narrow 4-point margin if he was of any value.

What will happen if Olympic Finding himself and playing like an Olympian in front of his home crowd, with better than 25% in the three points, with pace, optimism and streak? Under normal circumstances, the 5th match will start at 80%-20% on the prediction scale. A voice from the edge of Fener’s seat, of course, evokes family testimonies from Milwaukee It is reported that qualifying conditions are rarely normal. Especially when everything is judged on one lap.

I believed or wanted to believe that what my old man’s eyes saw at the beginning of the game was an omen of victory. Four minutes before the expiry of Olympiacos forced Fener to commit three quick fouls, which turned out to be surprises and side shots in good conditions, regardless of whether the finishing was bad.

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In the second stage, pass the “whores” on top (omen by Papanicolaou), in the third o Vyzenkov Register with a job. Fall scored with offensive rebounds where the opponent could not reach, or Papanicolaou Nailed it in his face Pierrethe walk towards Finally, he put three indicators of what the Turkish defense offers him generously.

The capitalization of this superiority and methodology of the first minutes was small (21-25 when it was Kostas Slukas), but everyone’s eyes were shining, the passionate defense was breathtaking to get rid of such talented scorers Goodrichthe McKissick He was winning fights in the stratosphere and Olympiacos went to the locker room with a huge margin, for the fourth time in as many matches: 37-35, 37-34, 38-35, 33-32. The lower the better! Especially in the first leg, where the floor could slope at any moment…

The striker that Olympiacos needed was found in the face of Anyotos Canaanbut s vezenkov, The person who “must” prove he deserves the MVP award and the Kings contract, was the only one who felt the ball badly: brick at 34-38, volley at 43-47, cross foul at 44-49, foul at crosses at 46-49, miss Four opportunities for Olympiacos to break. Why so much pressure? Sasha is good at letting the game flow through his hands with ease. Like most of his classmates except Shaquille McKissick

the cold Peters He went up to Vyzenkov’s place and imitated him, the robot Hayes Davies (which marked Vizhenkov) made two consecutive three-pointers and the Bosphorus waters turned the effort, despite emotional efforts to incapacitate. McKissick. lost “penalties” Peters, Papanicolaou In the fourth period, the sheer dedication of the Wednesday champions gave the free shot. Olympiacos cannot win such a match against them Vyzenkov, Sluka Stuck at 2-3 points.

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Of course, the equation can also be read upside down: how will Piraeus lose, if in the fifth game the two stars present the usual package of points, three-pointers, fouls earned, assists and rebounds? Quite simply, they won’t miss it. As long as they find it hidden in his pocket again Dimitris Itodis good self.