February 6, 2023

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The reason for his decision to quit acting and new life

She talked about the major turnaround in her career in recent years Thomas Andrewzzo On camera “Bam Danae” and journalist Alexis Mijas.

Thomais Androutsou revealed the reason why she left acting and engaged in breathing without, however, ruling out the possibility of her return to the board or television.

“Now I deal with breathing. I breathe in a certain way, a certain technique and I change the balance of carbon dioxide and oxygen in the blood and therefore in the brain. This differentiation has the gift of calming parts of the brain that we can say are the selfish mind…” said Thomais Androutsou, explaining Exactly what is respiration and how does it work.

“I was mentally straining myself and not feeling well. I felt bad at both times and circumstances. I didn’t have any joy. I started looking for it because I wanted to do something for myself… I was stressed out by various situations and had the panic attacks I used to have.” I’m a lot smaller but I left it behind. It’s a gift when we have a panic attack and it shows us that there’s something we don’t understand about ourselves. We’re under pressure for something.

I don’t miss theater and TV. I don’t remember the moments. Somehow I came to a much more meaningful connection with people than I did in theatre. I do not exclude that I may find myself on stage or in the camera again, but what I am experiencing at the moment is more important to me. Offers to participate in TV series have not stopped, and this makes me happy. But I can’t just suddenly drop all that and go and do 10 hours of shooting,” Tomaise Andrutsu said at another point in her interview.

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