February 6, 2023

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The shoes they wear in the winter

The love that a woman enjoys shoes It does not diminish or disappear over the years. What changes are the choices, or rather the priority of their choices: As we get older, we have them Greater need for convenience and practicality Without all this, mature women stop loving and wearing high heels. Simply put, it limits the frequency with which he chooses to wear them or invest in them Stiletto heels.

Especially in winter, when high heels give way more easily to practical shoes. Anyway, in the wardrobe of women of mature ages, shoes that give comfort and warmth have the first word. But this in no way means that we are talking only about classic designs. On the contrary, the Modern fashion over 50And They show great taste in their choices and make sure their style matches Modern and updated designswhich usually go hand in hand with the trends of the times.

Take a look at the profiles they keep on Instagram sharing their style suggestions and one finds out their options In the winter of 2023. the elegant shoes Whether they are a couple cowboy boots which is the direction of either to Moto shoes It is also a trend or even over the knee boots Which is a very bold choice, among those who propose it. the Lace up to the ankleAnkle boots with laces, a timeless choice Comfort, stability and elegance. Among their choices you will discover who Chunky sole designs until Hiking shoes For outdoor activities and snow escape.

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On the other hand, Women will always wear heelsbut unlike the classic options, women over 50 seem to prefer it those of colour And even intense. Moreover, it is a safe way to add bold touches to their outfits. Finally, from their everyday clothes Sports shoes are not missingwhich is also the most Comfortably casual wearable shoes.

1- Stylish shoes

2- lace-up boots

3- Colorful heels

4- Sports shoes