December 3, 2022

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The smart gadget that every woman wants to own

In addition to beauty and grooming products, flowers, bags and clothing, there is a clever idea of ​​timeless and very practical gifts for women smart gadgets. Tools where Facilitating the daily life of every womanwhich helps her keep the coffee in her cup warm, sleep more easily at night, and keep notes in her email memory.

Small Smartphone Photo Printer With Self-Print

You can now connect any smartphone to it via Bluetooth Portable Photo Printer And take a picture right now. A great way to keep a physical copy of all your memories.

wireless charging tray

The Oprah Winfrey This is called charging case “A miracle device bound to the skin.” When she chose it as her favorite thing of 2018, she wrote, “I can’t explain the mechanics behind the plug-free charging tray, but I can tell you it would look great on your nightstand.” Not only does it come in three colors, but it can also be made to order.

Sleeping mask with built in headphones

Sleeping mask with built in headphones

Your partner needs to see Television Or listening to a heartwarming playlist, an informative podcast or the sound of crashing waves to fall asleep, but you need complete silence. For this very reason we suggest you add this sleep mask In the list of products you must get. Dream device features Built-in bluetooth headphones It offers up to 9 hours of running timeSo it’s as much a gift for you as it is for your partner!

Reusable smart notebook

Reusable smart notebook

There is no need to write your notes after writing them down. this is smart notebook This means that handwritten notes (or scribbles!) can be uploaded directly to Google DriveThe EvernoteThe drop boxThe E-mail etc.

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smart water bottle

smart water bottle

Most likely, there is a chance for that Consume more coffee of water on a daily basis. But make sure you never get dehydrated again, thanks to this Bottle of water BPA free, with choice Bluetooth. syncs with your phone, Tracks how much water you drink each day And it lights up when you are without water for a long time.

selfie lens

Did you say selfie stick? This takes you far back, to 2015 one might say! Take a selfie more discreetly with this picture Wide angle lens with clip. It also includes a file LED light To give you that glow for a perfect selfie.

Smart cup with temperature control

Give yourself a gift and get a mug like no other. mug it Keeps your coffee or tea at exactly the temperature you want. with this person smart cup You will be able to set and control the temperature of your drink using an app.