June 2, 2023

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the. Stephanis in Liberalism: Those who want open borders open the door to chaos

Do we wish to return to chaos? In the uncontrolled entry of immigrants without checking who, their origin and purpose? In 2020, when thousands of migrants, pushed into Evros by the Turkish gendarmerie, try to cross into Greece, but are repelled?

Neither Europe wants that, nor do we, former Deputy Defense Minister Alkiviadis Stefanis tells Liberal, of SYRIZA’s subversive stance in favor of open borders, serving from ideological and dubious NGOs, to traffickers and those who want to exploit immigration to create security problems in our country.

The government advisor for sensitive areas reminds Greece of the open borders of 2015, with thousands of migrants trapped inside the country, and talks about the role of border guards against terrorism, but also in such a sensitive geopolitical area, and explains why the fence was erected. Should end up with the national funds.

Interview with Giorgos Fintikakis

What do you think of Syriza’s move to block European funding for the Evros fence?

An old saying goes: things in the house are not in public. What happens on Greece’s borders is a dominant national issue. Patriotic issues cannot be exploited, let alone exported outside Greece for political exploitation and harm to the country. Anyone who wants to raise an issue must do so within the country, not export it to Europe, that is, present Greece without a single line and confusing.

At the heart of the matter is a question all Greeks must answer: do we wish to return to anarchy? Do we wish to return to the uncontrolled entry of immigrants without any procedure, to the accumulation of people in the country, without checking their identity, origin and purpose? Of course, we are in favor of educating those in Greece, their vocational training and their assimilation into the labor market, but all this must be done in a coordinated manner. Nobody wants Greece back into chaos. Not Europe, not us. We remember very well what we faced in previous years. The fence that has been built and is still being built is confronted, at the tactical level, with this very issue.

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Memories of the mixed war of 2020 are renewed on the Greek-Turkish border, when thousands of migrants gathered at the border, and tried to cross into Greece, but were repelled. Then they went with the escort and assistance of the Turkish state towards our maritime borders. We’ve dealt with all of that. Then we found all of Europe with us.

So the fence on Evros will be built. And it will end either with or without European money, the prime minister said. Such an attitude (ss: like SYRIZA’s attitude) doesn’t help.

Who does open borders serve in the end?

Open borders serve many situations. They serve a number of government organizations that do not deal with the thing they claim to have, but with other functions. They serve all those involved in trafficking in unfortunate people looking for a better fortune. They serve Turkey’s plans, as it did in 2020 when it tried to exploit immigration and use it against us. Above all, those who support open borders show that we as a country do not have a stable, unified view of national threats. Inviolable boundaries are our sovereign constitutional right. Every Greek citizen has the right and demand for maximum border protection.

During the Syriza government, Greece found itself in the troublesome situation of opening its borders and dumping migrants on the one hand, and Europe closing its exit gates on the other. We cannot allow this to happen again. Inconceivable just an idea, Greece with open Greek borders where thousands of people would be trapped like in 2015…

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Isn’t it an additional reason to strengthen the guarding of the border with the fence, as well as to raise the level of Alexandroupoli’s role?

Close to a gateway as important as the one where Alexandroupolis is developing, the last thing the EU and NATO would want would be trouble. As the capital of Evros Province is rapidly modernizing and turning into a geostrategic gateway for Europe in the event of a problem with the Bosphorus, it is clear that the need for better border guarding is increasing. An axis with road and rail axes, starting from the port of the capital of the Evros Governorate, sending defense equipment and materials – soon also quantities of natural gas – to the interior of Europe, it must be protected in the best possible way.

However, it is important to say the following: we should not consider that the security of Greece’s borders will result only from the fence. Security exists, exists and will remain thanks to the excellent work of the security forces and the armed forces. The fence will simply enhance security and provide an additional barrier to efforts. It is also a message that European borders are better guarded.

How important is the existence of the fence, that is, the mandatory crossing points that it includes, also to deal with terrorism?

You are putting it right. The mandatory crossing points of the fence will be equipped with appropriate biometric devices, which will allow the immediate capture and comparison of all those entering Greece. Indeed, it would be much easier to map and prevent such incidents, such as dismantling the core of terrorism, with the help of the Israeli Mossad.

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The issue of the fence also has an economic dimension. Syriza’s ban on European funding means that it will eventually be built with national funding. That is, it will be borne by the taxpayer, when this could have been avoided …

In the difficult economic situation, the entire political system must be unified, so that Greece can secure as many funds as possible with similar steps. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. It is inconceivable that such a national issue should be an arena for internal confrontation. Especially in 2020, Europe’s support for Greece has been the attack it has received globally. Let’s remember that the day after the attack on Evros, 24 European countries with resources and personnel were near us? Remember what the Austrians told the Turks, “We are here because we are defending our borders”?

I believe that the European Union as a whole has not changed its perception of the seriousness of migration and the need to protect European borders. Nobody says no to those who rush to seek asylum and fulfill the conditions. We, as a hospitable people, apply these principles. But no European country would accept its borders being violated in an illegal and abusive manner.