December 2, 2023

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The supermarket: the products that achieved the biggest price hike in 9 months

The supermarket: the products that achieved the biggest price hike in 9 months

a plus By 4.5% the turnover was From supermarket In the ninth month of 2022 compared to the same period last year, according to company data IRI measurements.

However, this increase is due in reassessments It is also recorded at the level of sales volume according to the same data by 1.4%.

In general, fast-moving goods sold in the supermarket registered an increase Average 5.5%. Three major product categories showed increases namely 5.5% food, 7.4% personal hygiene products and 6.8% household goods.

Greatest appreciation

In individual product categories h Higher price increase appears in Cooking Tools – Food Supplements by 10.8%, in personal hygiene products by 10.5%, in dairy by 9.3%, In household cleaning products by 7%, In home care products 6.9%, frozen food 6.8% etcand standardized foods by 5.1%.

Accordingly, however, in Products with the biggest drop in sales for each item A decrease of 6.3% was observed in detergents and detergents, 5.6% in Alcoholic drinks, 5,5% In other home care products, 4.9% in frozen foods, 4.8% in pPersonal care and beauty products. At the same time, a decrease of 4.6% was shown by Dairy sales and 4.5% of personal hygiene products.

The only categories that did not show a decrease in sales were from Packaged foods, snacks, and soft drinks.

In total, supermarket sales amounted to 6,27 1 billion euros in the nine months of 2022 from 6 billion euros in the corresponding period last year.

It is worth noting that in September The largest gap recorded in recent months between sales in value and sales in volume The trading volume for the month of September alone increased by 11.1%.

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