February 6, 2023

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The three “same” goals and decisions are the best for Paschalakis at Olympiacos | Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

Through his blog in the Official Gazette, K.Nicolakopoulos focuses on Paschalakis’ success at Olympiakos, but also on the need to become better.

You can consider Paskalakis’ start at Olympiacos a dream, both for him and for the team.

from where The “Red and Whites” had such a bad negative situation until then, things changed spectacularly with Paschalakis under the goalposts at Olympiacos. It is indicative that he only conceded a goal with a penalty kick from Panathinaikos in Leoforo, in the last minute and with that elusive header also in the last minute, in the other match 1-1, with Freiburg in Germany.

naturally, Olympiacos’ success in significantly reducing the goal difference is not only due to Paschalakis. This is also due to Dowie’s amazing adaptation to the central defender role, but mainly, in my opinion, to a change of tactics on Mitchell’s part, to make the whole team more compact, with closer lines. If an experienced technician did not “tie” the Olympiacos squad in this way, I think that no matter how well Douy performed, no matter how well Paskalakis played, there would not be this obvious difference. We can, after all, note that Olympiacos is now more effective defensively, whether Papastathopoulos is playing or Ba is playing in central defence… whether Avila and Reapciuk are playing at the end of defence, or Androutsos and Vrosai are playing.

I would likeHowever, let me talk a little more about Paschalakis, who shows us under the goal of not only the biggest, but also the most difficult team in Greece, and one of the most difficult teams in Europe (!), who has the criteria to make a great career, even if he comes in Olympic age – by the way, the same age Nikopoulides came in too. With the difference that he has to lean on some of his weaknesses and consider how to fix them.

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truly I think the tournament break is an opportunity not only for the whole team to work, but also for Paschalakis more – and I mean mentally. For example, in the conceded goal against the national team in the last minute of the friendly match in Hungary, which resulted in a 1-2 defeat, his reaction was unacceptable. In fact, he didn’t even have a reaction to the error which wasn’t a big deal. Simply put, the Olympiacos goalkeeper thought that the Hungarian would pass the ball over the wall, he would have all his attention there, and when the execution was carried out in the other corner, the execution was theoretically easy, Paschalakis … and I ate it standing up.


remind meSomehow, the goal he also conceded in the last minute in the derby match with Panathinaikos! No, I don’t blame him for conceding a penalty goal, but if I were him, I’d be worried about conceding it just by standing still. Good shot by Sporar, but Paskalakis did not touch it under his own goal. And to go further: a statue was also left on the head of the Freiburg defender who scored from a corner kick in the 93rd minute of the Germany match. Mind you, you call that header elusive, but we see a third goal conceded by the experienced international goalkeeper without moving from his position.

Let’s note Paskalakis even recently scored three goals from standing stages (a corner with Freiburg, a penalty kick with PAO, a foul with Hungary), all in the last minute of the three matches and in all of them he remained a statue. Of course there is the timing factor in football, but obviously a good goalkeeper must see how he can improve.

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And this is exactly what I expect from Paschalakis, how can I see him better, for example through the best decisions he has to make in the game.

accidental: You hear many names for the Olympiacos right-back, but that doesn’t mean the ‘Red and Whites’ will take one of them. If one does not pay attention, almost all cases are accompanied by question marks, smaller or longer.