February 7, 2023

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The three scores of Olympiacos reach 60% and that will not be enough in difficult times | Blog – Kostas Nikolakopoulos

Writing in his Gazeta blog, Kostas Nikolakopoulos, tough times are now coming for Olympiacos and points to the role that Fortounis, Hammes and Bale will play in how the next big fights develop.

To be realistic, the toughest for Olympiacos in the tournament now begins. Quite simply because now they will start playing with the other five teams in the top six, who will go to the playoffs for the title and European places.

This Sunday Olympiacos, currently tied with PAOK in third placethe In the standings, he has to play in Volos with the local team (4the) and next Sunday he will play in Karaiskakis with Ares (5the), while a month later from today he went to play with PAOK and in late February early March the classic derby was with PAO and AEK. In addition, if he defends a 4-1 advantage in the first match in the second leg in Peristeri, he will have two more matches against Aris in the cup during the month.

For understanding Tough: Olympiacos has yet to beat a team in the top six of the standings! He has three draws (with AEK and Volos and away with PAO) and two defeats (with PAOK and away with Aris) …

This is my opinion This will depend a lot on the performance of the three players behind the centre-forward, Fortuny, Hamis and Bale. It is true that the three players helped increase Olympiacos’ goals exponentially after the league break. Fortounis scored two goals and two assists. Biel himself. Hamis set one and made one. It is also true that the degree of difficulty of the four races (with Intrepid and Asteras on the inside and with PAS and Ionian on the outside) was set.

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The way I see itThe three scores, shall we say, of Olympiacos go to about 60% in terms of their performance. And I want to record a few things about each one.

luck In the first two matches, with Atromito and PAS, it was clear that he appeared more fully, compared to the next two, with Asteras and Ionikos, which in the first quickly faded after his very good start and in the second he had only good moments. , but without duration. All his second half were at much lower levels than the first half.

Hamis On the contrary, it started with low revs, but raised it a lot with Astera and didn’t lower it so spectacularly with Ionikos. It is clear, however, that the maximum that a good level can have is about 70 minutes. And on Tuesday I think he stalked the target in a frivolous way on two occasions.


Biel In the same four-game period after the break, he’s presented a completely different person at home and away – in Karaiskakis he’s in form, away from Karaiskakis he’s lost. If they play in Volos, like in Ioannina and Naples, I think Olympiacos cannot win.

What did you notice? Due to the “belly” by Fortounis and Hames in the second half (from one point onwards), Olympiacos looks poorer in attacking production in the second half and, at best, from 65 minutes onwards. Instead, it becomes very dangerous again towards the end of the matches, as players sit on the bench, Jarry, Masura and Arabi (Bakabu).

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I don’t know if I’m wrong But I think Mitchell should make the changes in midfield more quickly and not because he delayed them mainly in Ioannina, but also in Napoli. When he did it in time with Asteras, the score went from 2-0 to 5-0. And when he did that too in time with Atromitos, the score went from 2-1 to 4-1. Games “speak” for themselves.


by the way, Samaseku also helps when there is change, as it compresses, steals, and releases energy. I really don’t understand why it should only come after 80the As accurate as it has been in the last two games.

In conclusion: this 60% percentage, which I consider at least for Olympiacos’ three scores, was clearly enough to score 13 goals in four games after the break (five with Asteras, four with Atromitos and two each with PAS and Ionikos). But I highly doubt that will be enough for the next matches against the other five teams in the top six.

It is irrelevant, has nothing to do with the topic: A scenario has been released from Italy, according to which Marinakis takes 40% of Palermo for 10 million euros. Sources close to the Olympiacos president and owner of Nottingham have told us that no such thing is true