December 4, 2022

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The Trial of Dickie Phillipdi: Lena Drusaki and the Suggestion of a New Victim

Tension reigned in Trial of Petros Phillipdis In the joint jury during the examination of the actress Lena Drusakiwho, along with another woman, denounced the well-known actor and director of abusive behaviour and harassment.

At first, Lena Drusaki referred to an acquaintance With Petros Filippidis that happened in 2007, where according to her, some phone calls from him started day after day and usually in the evening hours.

like he said , This contact lasted about 30 days and during some phone calls she claimed that the actor was masturbating. She begged him to stop and admitted that she did not have the strength to hang up for fear of the consequences and that it would ruin her career and she would never get a job.

Adding that I turned to a psychologist for help She advised her to confront the actor and director directly, otherwise she will always bear this burden. She said “that’s what I’m doing now, I’m facing it” in court.