July 7, 2022

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The US failed to convene and the US summit failed

The government’s huge effort was as expected Joe Biden In Foreign Policy for the Hemisphere, The IX Summit of the United StatesAccording to analysts consulted by DIARIO DE CUBA, errors in Washington’s call could lead to a shipwreck as a diplomatic tactic.

Emphasizing the issue of democracy as a foreign policy priority, the White House wanted to mark a public distance from the three dictatorships. Latin America: Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. The announcement activated a left-wing solidarity front, even before formal invitations were made, and many of the presidents who attended the summit were barred from receiving calls from Washington.

The Summit of the United States It will take place in four weeks in Los Angeles. The White House has insisted that its pro-democracy agenda must have a clear commitment to the hemisphere to expose the lack of political independence in the three Latin American countries ruled by overt authoritarianism.

“I think the summit meeting was based on miscalculation and mismanagement. Instead of first ensuring that they participated with the Allies, they started with a public open conference announcing the exemption before sending the invitation or bilateral talks,” said Buenos Aires-based Economic and Social Research (CRIES) Regional Said Andrés Serbin, chairman of the coordinator.

Consulted by DIARIO DE CUBA, Serbian expects even firm allies United States “They hate the patriarchal and imposed strategy of this nature.” The White House’s interest is aimed at strengthening the hemispherical alliances United States“But with this strategic communication error, the summit could deepen differences within the region.

Added to this is the lack of a clear policy, according to various analysts From the United States to Latin America And the Caribbean, one and a half years later பிடன் He became president.

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Presidents of MexicoAndres Manuel Lopez Obrador), Bolivia (Luis Arce) and Honduras (Ximena Castro de Zelaya) have questioned their presence in Los Angeles if there are exceptions to the invitation. The White House has confirmed that formal invitations have not yet been issued.

Brian Nichols, Under Secretary of State United States He reiterated that in the Western Hemisphere, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela would not be invited to the meeting, and its agenda was unknown. Nichols promises IX Summit of the United States Topics such as development, health, ecology and migration will be discussed.

Alberto Fernandez, The president of Argentina, also asked that there be no exceptions to the invitations, but he avoided putting pressure on Washington. “I plan to go (to) Summit), But I ask the organizers what Lopez Obrador asked them, all nations Latin America“, The president insisted.

Fernandes takes the lead Society of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC)He has publicly stated that non-democratic regimes in the region should not be isolated and that other countries, on the contrary, should promote good relations.

Another difficulty Biden Administration That is apathy Jair BolzanoThe current president of Brazil is focusing on his campaign for re-election in the October election.

Bolzano, according to his relatives, could have avoided a trip to Los Angeles because he was in the campaign, sending a signal of discontent to the White House, but not because of the dictatorship. Summit.

The Brazilian president at the time was openly campaigning for the re-election of Donald Trump, and after Biden became president, bilateral relations cooled, which was very close due to personal sympathy for Bolsanaro and Trump each. Others.

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“It’s not Summit Does not provoke much curiosity Latin AmericaAnd in the media it focuses on whether or not there are dictatorial regimes in Los Angeles, “said political scientist Xavier Rodriguez-Franco, who holds a master’s degree in Latin American studies from the University of Salamanca (Spain). Portal Analysis Podcast Latin America21.

Rodríguez-Franco insists that space Summits of the United States They have been declining since they were first considered a diplomatic meeting aimed at promoting hemispheric free trade in the mid-1990s.

“They do not follow a strict time frame. When it was last held four years ago, it was already very sluggish in the absence of President Trump. The VIII summit was held in Lima and there was already a lot of controversy. Nicholas Maduro“, Says this political analyst.

Peru’s host government, through then – President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, canceled the invitation to Maduro. Cuba was then represented by the president of the Castro regime, Bruno Rodriguez, who did not send a Nicaraguan delegation. Precisely in April 2018, the Summit In Lima, Nicaragua, a wave of civil unrest took place, which was severely repressed by the regime. Daniel Ortega Y Rosario Murillo.

Rodríguez-Franco added that great results could not be expected from this meeting, adding that the issue of integration was a dilemma in the region. “The integration-driven steam is over, which is not part of the regional political agenda. Latin AmericaNot even on the diplomatic agenda of key countries, “he said.

In the wake of the diplomatic turmoil that seems to be betting on Mexico and other countries, the White House has made clear other priorities in its foreign policy, and without a successful tradition at these diplomatic junctions, expectations of what it can do are very low. Create this crowd.

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