March 29, 2023

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The vampires have reappeared

It is a fact that you speak well of an opponent that you can defeat. On the contrary, you hate those who win you over. As in football, the fans of the winners of the beloved team who lost to their team applaud without much resistance.

After this small introduction, back to our topic.

On the occasion of the tragic incident, scenarios of forming a cooperative government with a prime minister other than Mitsotakis re-emerged. This scenario has disappeared, as New Democracy’s electoral percentage at the border of self-reliance was taken for granted. Because with 147-148 deputies in the “new democracy”, you and 30 deputies cannot impose your opinion on this strategically important issue.

Hot polls showed the percentage of New Democracy below the 30% mark and familiar scenarios began to be rewritten. Obviously, we will have to wait to see the next waves of opinion polls to assess whether the new democracy has indeed suffered damage, and if so, by how much.

What is unforgettable is the speed with which all these circles dreaming and planning to replace Mitsotakis reacted. They have prepared in their minds the alternatives that will get them back in the game, especially in the financial field.

Their concern that the New Republic will emerge unscathed from the tragic accident or from minor breaches is so apparent that it also reveals their plans. I have repeatedly written that four more years of Mitsotakis will lead to quite a few layoffs of politicians. Four more years on the sidelines, you will not cease to be considered a major player in the central political scene. At best, you become a commentator on developments. At worst, you are left with your memories.

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In addition, Mitsotakis’ new democracy has taken over the entire space that stretches from the borders of the right with the ultra-right to the fringes of democratic socialism, while a large part of the once renewed left personally trusts him. Mitsotakis’ presence left no room for figures who had traditionally moved across such a broad political spectrum. It deprives them of roles. And this annoys and hurts.

So it is no coincidence that Mitsotakis is a political leader who fought as fiercely as anyone else. For as long as I can remember, political hooligans didn’t make a habit of cursing any other political leader at the dance, even in the polarized 1980s.

Never before have representatives of an agglomerated culture consumed the minimum amount of gray matter with which they have to abuse, with such fury, the PM.

Why all this happens, the reader will find out in the first paragraph of this article. Because Mitsotakis stormed them in all the electoral contests that took place under his leadership in the new democracy. They shudder at the idea that this could be repeated in the next election. This is the reason for their failure.

However, they will not avoid the “Mitsotakis or Tsipras” dilemma. It will be the battlefield.