December 3, 2022

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The Vgenopoulos Family: Ekali’s property is under the hammer (pics) | Economy news

face to face With the auction of her property in Ikali The family of the deceased businessman falls Andreas Vgenopoulou.

especiallyauction directed against Aretis Souvatzoglou’s wife and the children of Philippos Vgenopoulos and Melina Vgenopoulos.

The hammer is due to strike, -if that until then Do not mediate suggestions for comment-, On May 23, 2023, the first bid price was set at €4.2 million.

The executed address is Resolution 62/20022 Voluntary Jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court of Athens.

It is a plot of land with an area of ​​3533.41 square meters. After the buildings on it, that is, an old two-storey house with a total area of ​​402.89 square meters, a newer two-storey house with a total area of ​​573.71 square meters. The basement of both homes is 394.94 sq m, while it also includes an outdoor pool of 134.28 sq m.

The property is located in Ikali district on Parnithos Street.

According to the evaluation report, the vicinity is located west of Central Theseos Street Which connects Kifissia with Pedrosia by land and at a short distance from it. It is a purely residential area and has a beautiful natural environment (green) and good landscaping. In addition, it is built relatively minimally, with a low construction factor, and is a place of concentration of very luxurious and luxurious homes and detached plots to build corresponding use and real estate quality.

The topography of the plot is shaped horizontally, with paved outdoor traffic lanes as well as plantations with large, century-old trees such as pine trees, pines, cedars, cypresses, etc., creating a very beautiful surrounding area. In the central part of the plot, to the east of the dwelling, hThere is a landscaped area with a swimming pool (pool), with the corresponding external relaxation area. The pool is rectangular in shape with a semicircular end on one side, while it has a concealed overflow perimeter and weatherproof interior lighting on the side walls. Around the perimeter of the pool, the floor is lined with non-slip marble slabs. In addition, on the plot there is a covered barbecue area with a wooden pergola and stone linings in the southeastern part and a small basketball court in the eastern part. Throughout the area of ​​the exterior configurations, there are either low track lights or diffused night lights. The plot is completely fenced off, While on the facade, the fence consists of a stone wall and a balustrade.

The one-family house consists of two volumes of buildings, built in different time periods, having different artistic and architectural forms but are functionally connected and connected, to be a separate home. The total building is 1,604.72 square metres, of which 1,212.86 square metres. Are the main use spaces (1123.86 sq m of superstructure and 89.00 sq m of basement), while the area is 391.86 sq m. Underground spaces for additional use.

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old building

The oldest part of the dwelling is located on the facade on Barnithos Street and consists of a basement, ground floor, first floor, second floor and the end of the staircase – a tower, which is a unique feature of the property.

Estimated this part of the accommodation It was originally built around 1930 with minor additions with a 1994 building permit When a partial renovation was made, it is likely of a stone masonry with exterior and interior coatings. It has a four-tiered tiled roof.

In short, as general characteristics, his style is traditional With decorative formations of gypsum inside the ceilings. They are of good quality wood, marble or marble slab flooring. The frames are made of wood and double glazing while the covers are made of wood. The basement includes storage areas.

The raised ground floor contains the reception area, corridors, living room and dining room each with a fireplace, kitchen, office, bathroom, WC and storage spaces, while the front has a balcony.

Wooden central door with two leavesopens with fixed glass in the upper part, while above it there is an arched lintel with fixed glass. The reception area has a rectangular white marble floor with dark marble slabs in a geometric pattern.

The living area includes a classic fireplace surrounded by carved marble and a dark wood interior bookcase. The floors are wooden with a classic “knitted” pattern. There are plaster ceilings surrounded by ornate classical motifs and hanging chandeliers. The dining area includes another fireplace similar to the one in the living room. The kitchen area includes built-in furniture in a classic white color with a marble table. Kitchen floors are marble slabs. External floors of the ground floor balcony It is made of white marble slabs combined with a dark marble surround border with a geometric pattern. Balcony railings are metal with a geometric pattern with metal uprights. The frames are wooden bays, some with arched lintels, white in color with blind French exterior shutters in a dark shade.

The first floor contains a master bedroom with a fireplace (converted to a sitting area), a bathroom (in which a royal bathtub was installed – inherited), a toilet, a hall, a hallway, and two bedrooms with another bathroom.

It has two balconies, one with a semicircular floor plan to the northwest and one with a parallelogram floor plan in the master bedroom to the southwest. The master bathroom has marble inlays White shade on the walls with a contour border of dark shade with geometric shapes. The bathtub is made of carved marble and has a classic type bathtub faucet. On the walls of the bathroom there are lamps of a classic type that are mounted on the wall.

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First floor balconies have white marble slab floors with geometric designs mixed with thinner dark marble slabs.

The second floor (attic) has a corridor, gym, massage, living room with bathroom. The gym area has parquet floors, a built-in fireplace lined with firebrick, and low-rise perimeter wood lockers. With special installation modes for air conditioning Floor fan coil type. Part of the roof has an aluminum glass skylight for natural lighting, while there are smaller frames around the perimeter. The vertical connection of the floors is carried out by an internal elevator as well as by a staircase that continues to its end and forms a tower in the Bavarian style and the technique that makes the property unique in Greece.

The tower is about 16 meters high and from the highest level offers an unobstructed horizon to the nearby and wider area. The tower has a polygonal plan with arched windows and a polygonal roof with exposed buttresses. The inner spiral staircase of the tower is wooden with carved wooden handrails while part of the staircase is carpeted. The window frames at the end of the tower are wooden openings with arched lintels and small, dark brown square panels.

new building

The newest part of the house is located in the northern part of the plot, in contact with the old part and consists of basement, ground floor and first floor.

This part of the house It was built around 2003 with a building permit in 2002 and may be a load-bearing structure made of reinforced concrete Filling construction elements of glass bricks with external and internal coatings. Its style corresponds to the era of its construction. In short, as general properties, internally, it has good quality wood floors or granite slabs. The frames are made of aluminum and double glazing, while the covers are electric shutters. Additionally, it has gypsum false ceilings with spotlights and recessed lighting. Near the central staircase there is a small patio that provides plenty of natural light.

The basement includes parking spaces, Storage and auxiliary spaces, boiler room, The elevator drive room and the electromechanical equipment area for the pool as auxiliary uses, while with separate entrance it includes the main use areas (staff spaces).

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In the additional storage area, it has industrial type floors and a fireproof interior door. The ground floor contains a living-dining room with a fireplace, a small living room, a kitchen, an office games room, a bathroom, Corridors and storage areas, while in the southeast there are semi-outdoors areas on the ground floor in contact with and direct access to the pool area.

The living area has a wooden floor, a minimalist fireplace lined with firebrick, and plasterboard ceilings with concealed lighting and spot lighting. The space is air conditioned with an internal system of air conditioning units. The kitchen area includes simple built-in wooden cabinets and a natural granite worktop. The floor of the kitchen area is made of aged ceramic tiles.

The second sitting area has parquet floors, built-in wooden wardrobes with shelves, a gypsum ceiling with spotlights and an indoor air conditioning unit. The bathroom on the ground floor is wood-panelled with built-in cabinets, a marble countertop, and built-in sanitary ware.

The first floor contains a master bedroom with fireplace and bathroom with Jacuzzi, and three other bedrooms with two bathrooms, a hallway and hall with office space and additional storage areas. The bathroom in the master bedroom has geometric ceramic floors and walls, a Jacuzzi, large mirrors and a marble table with under sink., suspended ceiling in plasterboard with spotlights and wall lights. All bedrooms have parquet floors, gypsum board suspended ceilings with spotlights and fitted wooden wardrobes. All bathrooms upstairs have ceramic tile walls and floors with built-in plumbing and plasterboard false ceilings. The circular corridor has a parquet floor and built-in white wood cabinets. The floors are vertically connected by an internal elevator as well as two internal stairs providing access to all levels. The floor of the staircase is wooden and the handrails are built with wooden handrails.

In total, the residence en-suite has 7 bedrooms (including 2 master bedrooms) plus staff bedrooms, 3 living rooms, 2 dining rooms, 2 living rooms, 2 kitchens, 2 elevators and a total of 6 fireplaces.

The state of residence at the critical time is very good for its age and for the fact that He hasn’t lived there for at least 5 years. There are minor ordinary damages that can be fixed at the corresponding reasonable financial cost, which is very small compared to the total value of the property.

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