April 1, 2023

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Thembe: Struggle for missing 23-year-old woman

Unanswered questions remain Questions Worried about her 23-year-old EritaA student who went missing after an accident in Tempe has been identified 56 people died from train collision

According to the head of the forensic service in Larissa, Rubini Leontari, the service had no information about the girl. “According to the fire department, the elevated temperature, Where the flame was white, it was around 1,000-1,100 degrees Celsius.. So you can understand that anyone found at that time may not be found,” he said characteristically Open.

“If the particular person is in the disputed part of the wagon that has developed a temperature at that time 1,000, 1,1000 degrees Celsius“According to the fire department, it’s definitely not mine, and I can’t find anything,” she told the station.

Before and after 24 hours Family complaintMrs. Leontari noted the following: “So far we haven’t had a body that matches the family’s DNA. If he was in the center of a huge fire, he couldn’t be found».

56 dead have been identified – official data from ELAS

At the same time, a total of 56 dead were identified 58 COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF BIOLOGY Goods received Relatives of victimsELAS emphasizes the railway accident in its report.

The ELAS file indicates “Laboratory examination of the biological material, as well as analysis of the laboratory results, was completed by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation.».

“All 108 samples of bodies or body parts corresponded to 56 dead people, while biological material was taken for only one,” the notification clarified. From a relative of a missing persondid not occur No matching model found».

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Regarding the last unidentified sample in the laboratories of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, it concerned, Greek police“In the case of a missing foreigner (Syrian), his brother was found through police cooperation in the Netherlands. This was followed by a pertinent request to send his genotype to our country, and from subsequent testing, we were able to verify the identity of the above-mentioned missing person.».

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