June 1, 2023

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“There will be ‘fire’ from Türkiye to China!” The plans of the Americans after Ukraine

The development of a multipolar world will face great resistance from Washington – mainly by igniting crises in southern Eurasia to torpedo Russia’s role in that world, according to a professor at Russia’s top diplomatic university.

Where will the focus of the conflict turn after the end of the war in Ukraine?

MGIMO professor, Andrei Bezrukov, rBegins to make an expectation: The United States will “set fire” to southern Eurasia – from Türkiye to China. Retired Colonel of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SWR), who went undercover in the West for many years as Donald Howard Heathfield, He offers a historical analogy: according to him, the world is in the same situation as it was a hundred years ago. In the Sputnik Radio He explained the dangers that could arise from the current situation for Russia today.

The changes taking place in the world will lead in the redistribution of power and the “decay” of Europe, stressed Bezrukov, who heads the Russian Foreign Affairs Council, a think tank and defense policy:

“Europe is no longer the absolute center of the universe. It is a region withering. This does not mean that it will completely wither to the point of extinction, only that there will be a redistribution of power in the world. 200-250 years ago, 70 percent of production was in China and India. We’re almost back there.”

In such a period of instability, the fastest growing region, which would be South Eurasia- You will be in the danger zonepridect:

“When the conflict in Ukraine ends, Americans will continue to fight to keep the world intact and set fire to southern Eurasia – from Turkey to China, throughout the Arab world.”

Two conditions would facilitate the American plan:

  • First, the region is rich in potential border conflict zones, each of which is claimed by at least two countries!!!
  • Secondly, in many places a national consciousness is just beginning to emerge – as it did in many places in Europe in the early nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (minorities).
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According to Besrokov, the United States will lead to the outbreak of military conflicts in these disputed border areas on the one hand and to strengthen separatist tendencies on the other hand.

Economically, even in such an environment, Russia will succeed, as the MGIMO professor sums up:

“Of course, in such a turbulent world, every country — like every family — will think about how to take care of itself. It will not be a world of prosperity, but a world of survival. And in this world of survival, the most basic things have the greatest value: being able to feed and keep warm in the cold, avoiding invasion, taking over your home, and killing your children. In this scenario, Russia has very big advantages because we are the largest food producer and energy supplier. Without cheap energy, there will be no progress and digitization. We are also the link between East and West, without which the continent cannot live, because the continent must trade. And when the South burns, the main roads will not cross the oceans in the South, but rather the North, mainly on land.”

Bezrukov considers a direct military threat to Russia unlikely:

“It is likely that Russia will be to the north of the outbreak. Since we have nuclear weapons, no one will dare to confront us directly.”

Instead, the biggest challenge for Russia at this stage is to maintain internal stability, the expert said:

“All states will be divided into two groups at this historical juncture in which we live: those that can maintain internal stability and pass into the next technological cycle relatively bloodless – and those that cannot escape the path of destruction! Bloody infighting (between peoples and governments) flourishes as it has A hundred years ago. So our task is to maintain internal stability.”

Andrei Bezrukov explains that this requires not only peace between social, religious and ethnic groups in Russia, but also a unifying idea: “This is the best way to prevent attempts by external forces to divide the Russian people, to divide the country, or to bring it into conflicts with its neighbors.

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