February 6, 2023

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These are the supersonic trains of the Chinese – they will move at a speed of 1000 km / h

One step closer to the grand goal of creating the fastest road transport are the Chinese who have successfully completed the first test routes.

on the “rails” Looks like it’s starting to show up Great vision from Elon Musk to create it hyperloop, The supersonic train that will be faster than the plane.

No progress, however, toward private implementation An ambitious project Her strong man did not notice her tesla, But from some other companies and universities who believed in the project and the possibility Evolution of a capsule train who will move with Super speeds in adults vacuum tubes, with the Magnetic levitation technology (maglev).

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Indeed, according to South China Morning Posta company frantically working on developing one High speed hyperloop train Successfully completed the first tests in vacuum tubes.

In particular, the train moves inside tubes from which all the air is extracted through powerful pumps, therefore Eliminate air resistance And to develop particularly high speeds.

In addition to air resistance, Rolling resistance is also eliminated with magnetic levitation technologyany method by which an object is levitated through magnetic fields and without any other support.

Hyperloop train at 1000 km/h in China

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during the tests The distance traveled is 210 metresWhile maximum speed which was developed 50 km / h, As the post states.

This speed may seem small, but in fact the Chinese company has succeeded great progresssince he has only been working on this project for 10 months.

Hyperloop train at 1000 km/h in China

According to the company, superconducting magnets, high-powered electrical systems, AI safety controls, walkie-talkies and sensors; They worked as plannedwhich opens the door to future experiments at higher speeds, with a great view of the train to Develop speeds up to 1000 km / h.

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If the company achieves its goal, the defining train will be The fastest means of land transportation And you will be able to travel From one city to another in a few minutes, Serving hundreds of thousands of passengers.

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It is noteworthy that the Chinese project is receiving support from powerful local companies, including China Airlines (Kassik).

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