May 23, 2022

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They are preparing a documentary about Cuban singer-songwriter Pablo Milanese

Life of a Cuban Singer-Songwriter Paul Milans It will be said in a documentary that his son is being produced by audiovisual producer Fabian Pisani.

According to Mexican filmmaker Carlos Sosa, the film will portray his years as the founder of Nueva Troba Cubana, but will also record Tropador’s current phase as he tackles health issues and resumes art tours.

“We’re already filming, and I’m counting on finishing it by the middle of next year; We are going on a tour of Francisco and Los Angeles, at some point in the filming we are going to Brazil and Argentina, “he told the press. The sun of Mexico.

Born in 1971, Pisani is a producer of New York-based films, documentaries, corporate audio shows and cultural events.

He is credited with producing films such as “7 Days in Havana” and “In the Hot”. He also took charge of the Musicana Festival in the Cuban capital in May 2016, just months after re-establishing relations between Cuba and the United States.

Poplito, who is 79 years oldHe is currently touring Spain as part of his “Días de Luz” tour, which took him to the United States last year, where he performed successfully on stage in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Florida, New York and Washington.

In a recent interview with the agency EFETroopator He explained that he had chosen the album “Días de Luz” for concertsBecause during the period of isolation due to the epidemic, I only wondered when I would enjoy those days of light again.

“I do not think nationalists, governments, parties, etc. are going to look down on me. They do not count human beings. But hey, they are a refuge. Not yet, here we are waiting and waiting …”, he said.

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Cuban filmmaker in 2017 Juan Bin Wheeler directed the documentary “Pablo Milanese”.In it the famous singer-songwriter spoke for the first time about topics such as his childhood, revolutionary success, his time at UMAP, and his relationship with his mother and his first wife.

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