April 1, 2023

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They built a new Pokémon Center in Okinawa

What would it be like to get into a video game? The new Pokémon Center in Okinawa solves … the question.

“It’s designed to give visitors the impression that they’re stepping into a video game,” Studio I IN says of its new Pokemon Center on the Japanese island of Okinawa.

The Pokémon Center includes a store, a video game area, and an information center where the curious can find out about the latest news about the game and the characters.

The studio has time and again incorporated, through simple graphic shapes, the famous Monster Ball throughout the center.

In addition, abstract images of Okinawa’s nature, ocean waters, and lush vegetation resonate throughout the space.

“The color and texture in the circular center of the Pokémon Center is reminiscent of Deep Waters, where, through videos and presentations, visitors can access Pokémon information and games,” the studio explains.

Around the center, experiment areas with changing content to keep visitors engaged: spaces to present card games, showcase new visual media and present the latest products.

“The world of Pokémon is already known to the public; however, this store can bring the magic of Pokémon to a wider audience by connecting virtual reality with the real world,” concluded I IN.

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