May 18, 2022

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They will perpetuate unemployment in the province of Panama and wait for the government’s attention

In an exclusive statement to Brenza Latina, deputy co-ordinator of the Broad Coalition Front (FAC), he said that after two days of protests, pressure would continue until President Laurentino Cortizo returns to the region. And provides definitive answers to their claims.

Among the demands made by the settlers were a comprehensive development plan for the province, the problem of unemployment, the shortage of drinking water and the poor quality of education in schools, and the completion of highway sections.

They are calling for the revitalization of the educational training center, grounds and hospital, as well as solutions to curb rising fuel prices and the high cost of living.

Police in riot gear stormed a rally on Tuesday, removing hundreds of protesters by truck.

He noted that the National Police had detained 31 people who had been released after popular pressure, including community leaders such as Roman Macias, the Front’s general coordinator. And Eduardo Voytier; Elected Director of Transport, Louis Lopez and University student Jennifer Malka.

He reiterated that until Cortizo comes up with convincing answers, people will remain on their own streets to defend their fundamental rights.

“In the colony we were the heroes of the total conflict because of the government,” he said, failing to deliver on the promise of developing a plan for social change in favor of people suffering from inequality and poverty.

He also pointed out that the unleashed police crackdown had reached doctors, nurses, carriers and workers belonging to the single National Construction Association who had supported the strike.

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Prior to his arrest, the governor of Cologne, Jerezma de Dale, told reporters that a dialogue table would be set up, but the settlers demanded the head of state’s presence.

Already in November last year, after the siege of the city of Cசோrdoba and several days of protests and repression by security forces, Cologne was forced to speak with social organizations.

The province of Cologne, 80 kilometers north of the capital, is a major source of GDP for the Eastman, as it has three ports and a second largest free trade, in addition to the operations on the Atlantic side of the maritime canal. According to economists, it is the largest region in the world, as well as the largest open-pit copper mine in Central America.

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