March 30, 2023

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This simple step increases car consumption – how to avoid it

As is known, the fuel consumption of a car is not determined exclusively by the type of engine or in general by the specifications of the car, but also by the driving habits – and non-driving that we follow on a daily basis.

One of them is its use Air conditioning systemWhether in winter or summer, ensuring the comfort of the driver and passengers at times It places a disproportionate load on engine operation Hence the fuel consumption.

Behind the ostensibly innocent act of turning on the air conditioner is a complex mechanism, whose operation depends on the motor to which it is connected and in an already normal way.

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In particular, the compressor of the air conditioning system is usually “driven” by the crankshaft, Increase the load to which the motor must respond.

Basically an HVAC compressor It “takes” from an engine from 6 to 12 hpwhich he has corresponding effect on fuel consumption.

The load varies when the engine is idling Between 0.5 and 1.0 liters per hourwhile when we move, one can see one 8-10% increase.

Air conditioning

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This percentage may seem small, however, the resulting burden is significant in the long run. If for example a ‘fee’ you can be asked to pay for the use of air conditioning It is 0.6 liters of petrol / 100 km Then at 500 km – i.e. per filling – The cost is about 6 euros.

How do you avoid using air conditioning?

In the winter months, the use of air conditioners can be limited or avoided by turning off the air conditioning and The heat energy emitted from the engine is utilized by the heating and cooling system.

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In this way we bring the engine load to zero, since only the car’s radiator is consumed minimum electricity It is not physically connected to the vehicle’s engine.

Air conditioning

In the summer months, the use of air conditioning and especially air conditioning can be made more efficient by using it Air recycling and choose The temperatures will not be too low.

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In this way we reduce the operation of the compressor and the time it is in the engine, Significantly reduce costs resulting from the use of air conditioners.

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