February 6, 2023

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This team wins first immunity!

Survivor 1/22 spoiler: news about survivor They come quickly. Very fast. It is not final yet Spoiled SurvivorBut our man from Santo Domingo spoke. Whichever team wins it First immunity from its third week Survivor All-Star;

Hamos with Mario and Carolina And it doesn’t just prevail. It’s the talk of the town when it comes to Sunday’s episode of Survival sky. Because the two of them will take the entire share of the island council. from Survivor Trailer it is clear. One question of course is if they will be voted off their team because of this?

the Marius Difficult. He is a player with many wins, strong, very close to Sakis Katsoulis, very pale. Carolina was among those who voted last week. It is not easy to vote again.

Survival Suite 1/22: Red Again?

To the topic now. More sure placement of Whichever team wins first immunity. Nothing changes from our initial assessment. The Reds will get first immunitystarting next week.

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The aggregate score would go to 6-3 between the two teams. the Watch tv With no winning streak on offer, something has to change. Red will also take home the Peanut Butter Award!

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