December 3, 2022

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Thriller with the death of an Archimandrite in Gipseli

A thriller surrounds his death case Archimandrite Chrysostomos LevoyannisHe was found dead Wednesday afternoon at his home in American Square.

According to police sources, Archunan was found was hanged. The first evidence indicated it was a suicide, but the medical examiner’s examination opened up other scenarios.

The manner in which the victim was hanged does not rule out murder.

The case has been taken over by Attica Security’s homicide department, where they are investigating the circumstances of Archimandrite’s death.

According to the information of, the priest is 63 years old and his mother and brother living in Argos were informed about the tragedy.

Father Chrysostomos Levoiannis was assigned to the “Karelio-Alzheimer Section” of the “Apostoli” Foundation of the Holy Diocese of Athens.

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