December 7, 2022

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Thriller with two Emirates flights to “Venizelos”.

Thriller with two Emirates flights from “Eleftherios Venizelos”. Dubai and New York.
One was grounded before takeoff and the second landed in Athens after the CIA tipped off that there was a suspicious Arab passenger on the company’s flight from Athens.


The first flight, EK210 bound for Dubai, failed to take off and was ordered to turn back while the Boeing 777 was taxiing. Second, New York-bound EK 209 had already taken off and crossed Italy when the pilot was told to land immediately. However, neither France nor Italy allowed the plane to land at any of their airports, so it returned to the route’s starting point, Athens. The flight path of the aircraft is shown on the maps above using the Flight Radar application.

Flight to Dubai
The flight to Dubai was scheduled to depart from Athens at 17:55. Passengers boarded the plane as usual, the doors closed and the plane taxied to the runway. However, before the process was completed, the captain informed the passengers that he had to turn back due to a technical glitch.
When the plane reached the parking area again, the passengers were asked to get off with all their luggage.

Thriller on Emirates flight to Nubai from Eleftherios Venizelos

However, instead of following the usual procedure of going to the waiting room, the passengers were subjected to a thorough police search (they were even forced to remove their Shoes They are) the presence of dozens of plainclothes police officers.


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