February 6, 2023

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Tool: Operation Time Management is available

PS argan


Executing the “Regulation of Working Time – Permits” procedure


From 12-01-2023all companies – employers, who have now completed the enumeration process for the digital organization of the working time of their employees who have a subordinate employment relationship, They can: Advertise in the new digital environment of PS. The second tool, vacations for its employees, counts until the end of the first ten days of the Gregorian month following the grant month. The declaration will be possible from the first day of the month in which the permit is granted until the tenth day of the following calendar month.

The ads will relate to licenses granted from January 2023 onwards.

The data will include recording the employee’s regular leave for a period of time from date to date to, recording other types of daily leave for a specified date, as well as recording different types of hourly leave for the employee for a specified date and additional information on time from/time to.

User can submit a statement of “FORMS SEPE > Digital Organization of Working Time > Import” and the status option “Working Time Regulation – Permits”.

For this specific procedure, the correct iteration is also provided, by filling in the protocol number and the date the original was submitted. By serving the ad with the correct iteration, the original ad is invalidated and only the content of the new ad is correct. It is also possible to withdraw the statement. The above possibilities must be in accordance with the relevant legislation governing the granting of each registered license.

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