November 30, 2022

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Toyota and Suzuki are rocking the bank with a reasonably priced 1,000cc sports car.

The two Japanese automakers are working together to create a true mid-engine sports car with a focus on Lotus offerings.

New posts highlight the unknowns of most projects that “work” together suzuki And the Toyota For the purpose of creating one Small and in keeping with the proportions of an affordable sports car.

With the engine centered, there are few who see behind the Toyota and Suzuki sports car the successor to the MR2, which is said to be equipped A turbocharged engine with a capacity of only 1000 cc.

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The engine will be obtained from Suzuki It will exceed the psychological barrier of 150 horsepower, The chassis will bear Toyota’s signature It will come from the hitherto known Yaris.

Of course, there is also the possibility that Toyota will create a more powerful configuration, giving the center-engine sports car Gazoo racing badges and 1.6L Turbo engine which supplies GR yrs exceed 260 hp.

Toyota Suzuki Sport Car

Low weight and rear wheel drive Complementing the features of the Japanese sports car in progress, which creates high expectations for the final result.

Anyway, his natural successor Toyota MR2 Unexpected before 2025, for both manufacturers Thermal Swan song In the class of cars that most people would consider sophisticated anyway.

The article continues after the announcement

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