April 1, 2023

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Tram workers’ leader: Telematics doesn’t work, trains don’t cooperate with traffic lights

A complaint about the tram’s operation was made public by the workers’ leader, Christos Solís, on the basis that the control center of the fixed-line vehicle could not see where the trains were.

After the train accident at Tempi, there were complaints about the running of the tram.

ANT1 talks to o President of Tram Attica Workers, Christos Solis “Telematics don’t work, trains don’t cooperate with traffic lights,” he asserted. “The control center does not know where the trains are,” he said. Further, “Drivers are manually operatedWhere there is no traffic light, passengers jump from the vehicle and directions, ‘scissors’, change at any moment.”

He further clarified, “Old vehicles cannot run with new system” He also emphasized that all the above mentioned problems have been reported to all the top officials including former Transport Minister Kostas Karamanlis. In addition, they filed a case with the prosecutor’s office in 2021, and everything done after that must be submitted for testimony, he said. In response to a question regarding this, he said the above “There is a risk of an accident where the passenger is thrown and killed.”Elaborating further, he clarified, “If the control center is ‘blind’, there is a risk.”

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Oh in the morning Elias TroulosA member of the Railway Federation complained to open a portion of the track from the railway station “Placental duchess» to the airporttax is used Suburb and the Hellenic Railway, Not enough signal.

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“One piece works, one piece doesn’t work in this mold. But even if this part works, it doesn’t solve the problem. “Controlling traffic is not limited to a certain number of kilometres, it has to be full-scale and the control center has an overall picture of where each train is,” he said.

These complaints led to the judge’s intervention.