Russia says US and NATO weapons carriers are legitimate targets

Russia will consider vehicles carrying weapons to the United States and NATO that carry weapons to Ukraine legitimate targets, the Russian deputy foreign minister said on Wednesday. Sergey RyabkovIn an interview with TASS news agency.

He added that any attempt by the West to inflict significant harm on the Russian military or its separatist allies in Ukraine “will be severely suppressed.”

“We warn that we will regard US and NATO arms transfers through Ukrainian territory as legitimate military objectives,” the statement said. Sergey Ryabkovcited by TASS.

« Nous faisons comprendre aux Américains et aux autres Occidentaux que les tentatives de ralentir notre ‘opération spéciale’, d’infliger un maximum de dégâts aux troupes et formations russes des Républiques populaires de primt de Lourehan »

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