February 6, 2023

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Tsitsipas: On the bouzouki with Silver and Rouva – the track caught fire

He “burned it” in bouzoukis with Konstantinos Argyros and Sakis Rouvas O Stefanos Tsitsipas.

The Stefanos Tsitsipas Adel Hellas After a few days of vacation in Iceland To be with his family but also to have fun with friends.

Leading Greek Tennis player Chose to get a strong taste of Athens nightlife. He visited a famous nightclub where they sing, S.P Constantine Argyros And the Sakis Rouvas.

In his company were Olympic pole vaulter Emmanuel Karalis, as well as Alexandros Skourilas and Teo Angelios. Stefanos Tsitsipas had fun until the morning and of course met Konstantinos Argyros in the dressing room.

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