February 6, 2023

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Turkey: New challenges Agar – “Greece has become arrogant, NATO must stop undermining it”

He made new provocative comments Turkey Defense Minister Hulusi Agar called Greece “arrogant” and called on NATO to stop its “wrong and uneducated approach”.

The Turkish Defense Minister also mentioned the Cyprus issue “We’re talking about two dominances, Equal and independent nationsh” and said that the issue was recognition of the fake government.

According to SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostitis from Istanbul, Agar said: “Unfortunately, Greece continues to increase tensions. Greece has harassed our flights twice in the last week. This hostile attitude clearly shows that Greece has become arrogant.”

And the Turkish Defense Minister continued: “It has been given and will continue to be given in response to all kinds of unjust actions by Greece. It’s time for NATO to stop this rotten attitude. The Greek people and we both know each other very well. Those who want their future to be better, yesterday and today. Avoid mistakes.

Hulusi Akara said about the Cyprus problem: “Cyprus, as you all know, is our national problem. As for Cyprus, we are talking about two sovereign, equal and independent countries. The problem is no longer the establishment of this state, but the recognition of the established state.” Regarding Sweden and Finland joining NATO, he said he was not against Turkey, “However, we expect them to fulfill the promises they signed in Madrid, which is to cut ties and support to terrorists and remove restrictions. They have imposed Turkey on their export list, it’s very simple.”

“Recent support for the PKK and PYD in Syria, accusations that they are harming the fight against ISIS, the departure from balanced approaches between Turkey and Greece, the lifting of the arms embargo on southern Cyprus, and the efforts of some political figures (p. P. Menendez) to antagonize our relations with the United States. Undermining creates a negative impression in our public opinion.

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We expect the US, our strategic partner, to take the necessary steps and fix some of the issues,” he noted.

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