December 7, 2022

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Turkey: raids with 12 dead in Syria in retaliation for the Istanbul explosion

It’s “time of reckoning,” Turkish Defense Minister Mr Halosi Akarabove the image that shows Turkish F-16 fighter While launching a night operation, the Kurdish forces spoke today at dawn Turkish airstrikes Against the city of Kobani, northern Syria.

The Turkish Defense Minister added that “the miscreants will be held accountable for their malicious attacks.”

Terrorist nests with precise strokesHe added in a second post that he accompanied him with a montage to destroy the target from the air, without specifying its location.

The Turkish Ministry of Defense has not yet provided any details on this matter Business which seems to run from Saturday night to Sunday.

Kurdish forces spoke of “aerial bombardment of the Turkish army “mainly in the city Cuban, In northeastern Syria and in two villages.

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