December 4, 2023

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Turkey: Urges Demilitarization of Greek Islands – Letter to UN

Turkey: Urges Demilitarization of Greek Islands – Letter to UN

New letter UN Sent by Turkey He denies Greece’s sovereignty over its islands AegeanAgain referring to their militarization.

In this particular letter, Ankara argues that the islands were granted to Greece with limited sovereignty, and that international treaties, even Paris, to which Turkey is not a party, give it the right to question Greece’s titles to the islands and seas. Zones.

The letter is dated September 17, consists of five pages and is the Turkish response to the Greek letter on the issue of the demilitarization of the islands.

View the full letter Here

“Either you demilitarize the islands or I challenge sovereignty”

ERT’s diplomatic editor, commenting on the above letter, points out:

“Interestingly, Turkey insists on linking Greek sovereignty over the islands with a demilitarization obligation: “Either you demilitarize the islands or I question sovereignty”.

He goes so far as to say that the islands have been given to Greece with reduced sovereignty, and argues that international treaties, even the Paris Agreement, to which Turkey is not a party, give Greece the right to challenge the islands and maritime claims. Zones. He tells this for the first time and shows how he will find every argument undermining the islands’ rights to maritime zones.

In a perverse way, Turkey, which has previously said that non-compliance with demilitarization is a threat to international peace, is inviting Greece to a dialogue that will surely not happen.

Erdoğan to UN on sovereignty issue Today’s letter shows that this is the main point of Ankara’s policy, in this context the statements of the last few days “to take action against threats from Greece” should be interpreted.

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