November 29, 2022

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Turning in the local derby PAS CORINTHOS-KYPSELOS! Incredible episodes with Kuya! Watch the videos!

The whistle turned into a battlefield during the first half of the match between Bass Corinth and Kypsilos.

Only in the spirit of “fair play” and the ideal of sports do not do what was revealed today in Corinth…

The local derby held in DAK Corinth for the third match unfortunately marred some deviations.

The stadium was very crowded with about 700 people who went to watch football and support the two Corinthian teams.

Between the halves and while the score was 0-0, a ring broke out with Alexis Koya on the whistle of a verbal attack on Dimitris Poterich, the coach of Kipslos, the assistant coach and two football players. In fact, according to footballers, Alexis Kogias hit the assistant coach and a young 20-year-old boy and footballer in the face.

Giorgos Beatrice tried in vain to restrain Alexis Kogias and end the episode.

All this happened needlessly as footballers complain.

The result of this hot episode was that KYPSELOS refused to enter the field in the second half. Finally after 23 minutes the team came in and the match ended 0-0.

The Kipslos team submitted a memorandum – report with a detailed recording of the incident, which was included in the match sheet of referee Mr. Pechiaris.

Bas Corinthians fans are also disappointed by such behavior and incidents, while saying their 95-minute team didn’t create a single chance…

Mentioned by PAS KYPSELOS

After a tough match on the field reminiscent of a derby match between two big rivals, the match ended 0-0. Kypselos played with 10 players in the last 20 minutes.
However, we are building a sports culture and will not accept bullying and bullying from anyone. This story will continue. Everything is recorded on the match sheet.
We want to embrace the players and coaches who found the courage to continue the game and get a positive result. The players and coaches of PAS Korinthos have kindly hosted us
Watch the video at Corinth Stadium 2015 rings and wood with Alexis Koggia and a policeman

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The policeman, initially startled by the insults, moved against Kuya to take him down with him. Then those seated next to Kogias reacted forcefully, as the Mayor of Corinth Alexandros Neomaticus took part in the ring and a public battle ensued.

Then the tension moved down the stands with Kuya in his shirt ripped and tattered, while the angry policeman insisted that the notorious underworld go with him to the police station.