February 7, 2023

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“Tyson is a terrible player, I don’t change years in PAOK”

a Tyson Barcelos Fridaor simply TysonIt is expected to be announced during the day PAOK.

the 35 years old The attacking midfielder is preparing for his third “term” in Europe. This time the final destination will not be Ukraine, as it happened in the summer of 2010 when it was metallurgist She took 6.3 million euros from her coffers and made it her own, winning the fight from Wolfsburg and the Naplesteams that also approached the then young Brazilian winger.

Tyson wrote his history of world football and introductions are unnecessary. However, we asked his opinion sotiris awefor a man who linked his name to biceps. It is worth noting that the 36-year-old Artynos competed for two years (2012-14) in the Ukrainian championship with the Brazilian.

First, confirm that: “In the first year I left PAOK and went to UkraineThe differences were messy. At first I had a lot of trouble adjusting, not in terms of the racing part, but in the way of life there. I went to a group that was fighting for salvation. The second year I got used to it and had a better time.”

Then the former PAOK footballer pointed out the characteristics of Tyson, saying: “My first year at Hoverla Uzhoron, Tyson played in Metalist and the next year he moved to Shakhtar. We are talking about a player from another group, as I had experienced at least, much younger at the time. Excellent one-on-one, he played on the left, he also played behind the centre-forward, a player with tremendous characteristics.

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Then he added: “He made a difference competing with the teams as well Champions League, not only with the Ukrainian league teams. He made a difference to his team and his career was no accident. I think to make the decision to leave Brazil and return to Europe, he still has years in professional football ahead of him. He will certainly be able to help the new players in the team with his performance and experience. And the coach is the one who will determine the role that he will play in the team. Let’s not forget that this particular coach showed that he doesn’t understand, whoever does the work plays.”

Then he referred to the “black and white” project with young footballers: “In the beginning it was difficult for everyone, we were disappointed as fans and as fans, but I see that the team is starting to adapt. And Constantlias And colerakis They’re showing they’re guys you can count on, and this whole project is very much dying.”

In conclusion, the discussion cannot fail to go to the years in which he himself competed with black and white: “I’m not going to change those years, you know, I’ve been through chases and joys and sorrows, everything. We’ve been through a lot of financial hardship, but I’m not going to change the years I lived in the team.”

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