March 29, 2023

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Unfavorable transfer of a doctor due to union action at Evangelismos Hospital

A serious complaint was made by Argiri Erotokrito, a pathologist at Evangelismos Hospital and general counsel for the Federation of Hospital Doctors Associations of Greece (ONGE).

He reported that because of his union activity, the hospital administration transferred him from Evangelismos, where he worked as a hospital doctor, to the Polyclinic, where he would work as a primary doctor, where his scientific development and course were affected.

Here is the details of his complaint:

“People with dudukes” in unfavorable transfer.

On March 13, 2023, I was assigned Supervisor B, Specialty Pathologist Grade at “O Evangelismos” Hospital. Until then I was working as an assistant doctor at Jennimedas Hospital. I was assigned to the 5th pathology clinic by the decision of the medical service director of “Evangelismos”. The next day, March 14, 2023, by the decision of the administration, my location was changed and now I was placed in the polyclinic. This action by management is a simultaneous attempt at union harassment and personal destruction of me.

1. Suddenly, without asking, I go from hospital doctor to primary doctor. A hospitalist deals with patients in the emergency department, in their inpatient clinic, in each clinic’s outpatient clinic and is part of an entire team that treats patients, provides differential diagnosis and treatment. Primary care – that is what is done at the polyclinic – no hospitalized patients, no emergencies but regular appointments scheduled.

2. This change in the content of my work is legally binding. The gazette of my ordination clearly states that it is about a position “in the gospel” and nowhere else. After all, when there is a need to hire a pathologist or any other specialist in the polyclinic, this is indicated in each job announcement.

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3. Based on the above, I consider that this action affects my scientific development and course.

4. I am not clear whether I can participate in “evangelism” awareness programs. In addition to the scientific part, the financial impact of not having a doctor on call must also be taken into account.

5. I am well aware that my primary residency (E’P) has high staffing needs as adjuncts have recently been transferred from other pathology clinics to meet these needs.

6. Two administrations – evangelical and polyclinic – demand increased needs of the polyclinic. Wonder why they don’t use their colleague Katsandra, a pathologist from the 3rd missionary department, from the polyclinic to politicize with NT? In addition, why not a single pathologist has requested staff for the polyclinic in the notice running these days?

7. Last year in particular, in the previous hospital where I worked – Jennimata – I was at the forefront of the struggle to reverse the deterioration and dissolution of the hospital’s pathology clinics. On 12/10/2022 I was with hundreds of my colleagues at the inauguration of the new TEP of “Jennimatas” Hospital on the side of those fighting against the Ministry’s policy of celebrating buildings but not appointing staff. . It was on that day that the minister himself took to the loudspeaker of the inauguration ceremony to talk about the plans of the new democratic government and publicly stated that “thugs will not come to our streets”.

8. Five months later, I found myself transferred to a branch of the hospital that had nothing to do with medicine, the position I had chosen to serve in, and a pay cut due to no on-call work and of course politics and unionism. Persecuted by the mass workplace like evangelism.

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The new republican government, with its administrators in every hospital, thought that the movement could be silenced by these kinds of authoritarian methods. They laugh deeply. Tempe has a crime-ridden, privatized, life-sacrificing autocratic government that has the majority of the world’s population against it. This is the world that chanted “Our lives must come before profits” in a general strike on March 8.

Punitive action will not pass!

Argyri Erotocrito,


General Counsel of OENGE

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