April 1, 2023

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Unknown how the global banking scene will develop, Greece is not what it used to be (video)

The developments in both European banks and the Credit Suisse crisis were referenced in a message on social media, The Alex PatelisWe talk about Greece among other things.

Specifically, the economic advisor to the Prime Minister said in his TikTok post:

Today we are all watching his collapse SVB America and its problems Swiss credit in Europe. Nobody knows how the global banking landscape will develop, but our country is not at all like it used to be.

And he continues: let’s remember the adventure with capital controls and their fears shaving deposits. This will not happen again.

“We have read that the tech company is publicly announcing that it is moving its funds from the US to Greece for safety.”

He also added: “Of course, an enormous amount of work has been done in recent years with ‘HERCLES’ which has reduced “red loans” in our banks. Imagine if we were still at 2019 levels.

Watch the video


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