October 3, 2022

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Value Rating: FB Conor Heyward

Value Rating: FB Conor Heyward

The selection has been made. This is the last year Kevin Colbert served as General Manager, and like past years, we want to evaluate the value of each choice. Based on the predictions for each player through the draft ports as well as our own reports, we want to know if the selection value is higher or lower than how they rank in the draft.

Round 6 (Pick 208) – Conor Heyward, FB, Michigan State

The Steelers have shown a tendency to add family to their roster in recent years. Terrell and Trey Edmonds. TJ and Derek Watt. Carlos and Khalil Davis. You can now add the Heyward brothers to the list. Cam’s younger brother Connor is a versatile player with over 200 holders as a runner and 96 professional receptionists, with eleven touchdowns total.

Lance Zierlein from NFL.com Awarded a score of 5.60 (bottom candidate or coaching squad) and described him as:

“The previous H-run came back with surprisingly sticky hands and assertive behavior to find extra yardage after the catch. Heyward failed his pre-game eyeball test as a shorter player, punched upper body and lack of height. However, he grabs everything and his bar is full of play Good football. He has immobilizer potential but hasn’t learned enough in that area for the team to trust him at this point. Heyward’s stock may be limited due to his lack of physical traits, but he’s a natural footballer who could find a place on the roster thanks to his versatility.”

CBS Sports The 332nd ranked player made him on his big plate, calling him a role player and comparing him to Dimitri Flowers, who spent time with the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars. Its strengths include:

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Hayward is the younger brother of Steelers All-Pro defensive lineman Cam Heyward, although he is about five inches shorter and 60 pounds lighter. The Year Five senior is listed as a tight end but is best described as an H linebacker who can also line up in The aperture.He had 35 receptions in his career in ’21, and he did the most damage to him as a receiver 15 yards from the line of scrimmage.He is a space athlete, and he has the ability to make defenders miss the ball in his hands.He is a better receiver Much of a blocker but it’s smaller in size for a tight end or defender, and would need to be open.” They list his weaknesses as follows, “He needs to improve as a blocker, because he can sometimes struggle to keep the blocks. At just 233 pounds, he’s smaller for the tight end and back, and his 4.72 time shows 40 times on set on the movie; he doesn’t create breaks. Constantly at the top of the road.”

Draft Network He also made him compare to Flowers, describing his ideal role”Special teams ace and move the piece in the back field alignmentand opened:

Pointing it forward, I think Heyward will need to find a home where he can continue to ‘win ugly’, play on special teams and do a lot of dirty work in an offensive system looking to add more to the blocking surface in both a running and passing game with unaligned Traditional. Love the story and Heyward is a highly competitive player on the field, which makes him a fitting late-draft investment for his ability to play a few roles and play special teams.”

our report Compiled by Alex Kozora given late on the third day (6th/7th grade) and concluded:

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“TE’s not going to be at the next level and he’s not going to be a full-time runner either. At The Senior Bowl, he’s worked pretty much as a defender and this is the best home for him. He can – and should – move throughout the formation and offenses need to take advantage of his versatility to wear plenty of Caps. But it’s a small part of the offense, not the focal point. And is it good enough to justify teams trying to find ways to get him onto the field outside the obvious, on the goal line/short-term situations? Heyward offers something quite in the passing game, but when you have High draft pick receivers and tight ends, how much do you plan on getting the 230-pound ball going?

I love its suitability to the Steelers’ boot/boot offense. And Heyward should have an immediate impact on special teams right away. I think there’s a home for Heyward, but he’s going to have to scratch and scrape to stay on the list. My NFL player for him is the Atlanta Falcons linebacker/former Jason Snelling, a seventh-round pick with a similar determination who accomplished seven years of his NFL career as a runner, receiver, blocker, and special team. “

This is the least surprising choice in the draft.

All in all, everyone had made it a late choice on the third day and that’s where he was chosen. They might have been able to wait until the seventh round, but Cam didn’t allow it. Joking aside, this is a file hard Choose based on the value of the draft, but alignment with this team is good. He is a blue collar player who joins the blue collar team. It may end up being a battle between the younger brothers for a place on the list.

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