March 29, 2023

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Victim’s widow against Hellenic Rail: I am being asked to return the compensation with interest

The family of a train accident victim has been living an incredible adventure for 15 years. That family driver A trucker who died after being hit by a train at an unsafe crossing in 2008 was vindicated in 2019, but Hellenic train He came back asking for the money back compensation And nutrition! And new accident from this time train collision 57 people died Tempeh.

According to a newspaper report “Sunday Free Press”In September 2008, there was a collision between a truck and an intercity train on the Larissa – Volos line at an unprotected crossing.

The truck driver’s family sued in civil courts for emotional distress, funeral expenses and alimony, embroiling themselves in a lengthy legal battle until they were acquitted in 2019.

The main reason for the delay was the unclear landscape of responsibilities between Hellenic Railways (formerly TRAINOSE) and OSE, as to who was responsible for the accident. The family was justified and the two institutions had to pay half of the awarded amount and 360 euros per month for each child until the end of their studies.

However, the situation changed last November when the payments stopped The companies appealed to the Supreme Courtwhich Partially accepted Hellenic Railway declared unsafe crossings and unfit for company safety She resumed treatmentDemands that a court be appointed to hear the case The money should be returned to her with interest Paid to the family.

Commenting on Hellenic Train’s move, the truck driver’s widow said, “All I want is for them to pay what was decided by the courts and end the 15-year adventure so they can let us live in peace and dignity.” The new court is set for 2024.

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