March 23, 2023

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Villarreal, which has Garcia on its radar, has financials and a big hurdle

Background rumors of Villarreal’s interest in Levi Garcia. The AEK striker’s placement on the Levant’s roster, profile of those he represented (over time), upcoming additions to their roster, most important financial factor, what happened in the winter transfer window and what to expect in the summer window.

The excellent performance by Livia Garcia after his effective change of position on the field, It caused a stir in the football market. attacker EckAnd Attracting the attention of European clubs (and not only)which makes many of her regular sponsors Opap squarebut also generally one of the games of its forerunners Stoiximan Super League.

the Villarreal, which has been talked about a lot in recent weeks, is not among the permanent. Despite rumors to the contrary, ‘Yellow Submarine’ was not sent to the AEK-Panathinaikos derby, but was already – upon invitation – in last Sunday’s match against Aris.

This does not mean that the Levant does not know the league’s top scorer. They know him. And they’re checking him out because his competitive profile matches what he expects to be looking for next summer. It is possible that they were also looking into the recent transfer window, but that did not happen.

The reason was the wreck in the sale of Nicholas Jackson to Bournemouth. Everything was agreed, and the Senegalese winger traveled to England, but at his medical examination it turned out that the muscle problem he had in the calf tendon would keep him out for another two months and not until the beginning of February. Villarreal doctors claimed. Thus, the transfer (22 million euros) did not proceed.

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If he were to step up, perhaps – he underlined “maybe” – Garcia could enter the Levantine options equation to replace Jackson, a footballer with similar playing appearance, logic and practicality on the field and the ability to cover a role in the game. Wings and at the top of the attack.

What will come in the summer

In the summer light? And Villarreal had already agreed to terms with Blackburn’s Chilean striker Ben Brereton, whose contract on the “wheels” expires at the end of the season. And he is an attacking “multi-tool”: after all, this is what is required of strikers that Villarreal is looking for, namely the ability to assume different roles and cover different locations.

The Levantine national team also granted Senegalese international striker, Boulagie Dia, on loan to Salernitana since last summer. There is a purchase option of €12 million (including one option granted as a loan fee) that is estimated to be exercised.

Dutch winger Arnaut Danzuma also secured a loan in January, with a deal with Tottenham including a €40m buy-out option. Difficult to work, even if it didn’t already happen Villarreal put the 26-year-old winger on a release clause anyway, wanting to cover the €23m (the huge investment didn’t work out…) the €23m he bought two years ago.

So it’s clear that Levi Garcia’s competitive package meets the general requirements of Villarreal’s research framework before the summer. It remains to be seen if it also covers individuals. It is not excluded, but at least according to SPORT24 info Although Villarreal is in the process of claiming the AEK striker, it is hard to hit the federation’s asking price.

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There is a financial openness – due to the rebuilding of the Villarreal stadium – which the Levant, through the aforementioned moves, aspires to limit, without doing … an extravagance in the market. They traditionally head into their academy anyway and the approach of their coach, Quique Setien, is similar (it was among the reasons he favored the end of October).

After all, announcing Levantine’s intention – when the Jackson transfer was not yet finalized – at the end of the January transfer window, to move forward (even if it had not been discussed) in a doomed, which they knew it was, Garcia was the loan proposal with The option to buy in the summer (when they expect income) is an indication of his status, intentions and capabilities on many levels.

In short and in conclusion: Villarreal is looking for a footballer (and maybe footballers) of Garcia style in the summer. I watched it, though not with great interest. He now knows very well what is required to obtain them.

And even if the move is approved (something we’re a long way from at the moment), the financial part appears to be a major hurdle, as the Levantine’s cap doesn’t even come close to the floor of AEK’s demands.

Of course, nothing is forbidden. Especially so early and especially since Garcia’s name is already in the books of the Levant. However, it appears that before the relevant race even begins, they (assuming they eventually want to participate…) are at a significant handicap compared to the rest of the AEK striker’s interest.

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