February 6, 2023

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Violent refusal to integrate some young immigrants after the events of New Year’s Eve

“A big problem with some young people with immigrant Home Secretary Nancy Visser said attacks Against security forces registered throughout Germany Especially in Berlin on New Year’s Eve. Visser stressed that we are witnessing a “violent refusal to integrate”, and called for dealing with the situation “with a steady hand” but “without arousing racial resentment”.

On New Year’s Eve, there were dozens of incidents of attacks with firecrackers and other objects against police officers, firefighters and rescuers working in different cities.

The events caused serious reactions from the opposition, but also from the government. “We have a big problem in German cities with some young people with immigrant backgrounds, who despise our state, commit acts of violence and are difficult to reach through education and integration programmes,” the interior minister told the Funke Group newspaper, stressing that the state of law must draw its conclusions: “We must show Clearly the limits of those who refuse to assimilate and are willing to use violence, but without arousing racial resentment,” he noted and called for swift and severe punishment for offenders. “Young perpetrators of violence should face significant criminal penalties. Penalties must be assessed promptly. This creates respect for our constitutional state, which must not allow violent young offenders to terrorize their neighbourhoods.” He even explained that among those who suffer from this behavior are other immigrants who, he said, do not understand violence and riots. “It is our duty to protect them,” he said.

In response to the controversy that erupted over how to deal with youth perpetrators of violence, Berlin Mayor Franziska Gevai (SPD) announced the organization of a forum on youth violence. Speaking earlier this evening on German public television station ARD, Ms Gevai acknowledged that serious accidents had occurred in some parts of the capital, injuring 33 police officers, and suggested that psychologists, social workers and security services work together to find sustainable solutions. solutions to the problem. He also announced additional protection measures for members of the security services, which mainly include cameras in their cars, while also indicating the need to review the free distribution of firecrackers and stun guns.

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As announced by the Berlin police, 145 people were arrested in the early hours of Sunday morning, including 139 men and two-thirds of them under the age of 25. 45 of the detainees held German citizenship, while 18 nationalities were confirmed.

“It is clear that the government in Berlin cannot handle the situation,” said Friedrich Merz, leader of the Christian Democrats, accusing the SPD government and the left-wing Greens of limiting the police’s ability to act “for political reasons”. And this case comes to add to the controversy preceding the elections, as state and federal elections will be repeated on September 21, 2021 in Berlin on February 12, after widespread irregularities and failures were discovered during the electoral process. However, similar episodes were recorded on the night of the time change in other German cities.

Source: RES-MPE

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