March 29, 2023

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Vita Bartzuka and … Brooke Papagiannis

Olympiacos flees Kaunas, Panathinaikos finishes late in the top 10 in Lyon, Vassilis Skondis comments about Severina’s disparate life in the Euroleague.

With the violin that Olympiacos holds, I expect there will be more and more coaches (both seniors and their assistants) who will praise him.

That’s great, honorable, and very flattering, you know, as long as they stay there: praise it and don’t make fun of it!

(Partner Andrea Trinchieri) Amtriano Vertemati is not the first and I imagine he was also the last to take his hat to Piraeus and that is important, because the so-called Esperians do not praise them so much for their results as they do for their style of play.

It is also important not only for the arrest of the team and the organization, but also on a personal level …

Bartzuka Team

which I mean;

Needless to say: this style of play was not created by the push of a button, nor by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, but by thoughts, deeds, plan, program, and seeing one off the bench!

Partzoukas picks the players, Partzoukas teaches them the tactics, Partzoukas has them sail in the same boat, and Partzoukas takes charge and accordingly collects the sikariki or (in a few cases) eats the word!

In the end, Partzokas managed (and after all, he is entitled without shame) to put the conscience of ownership on the side of Olympiacos, which is his team!

Of course, he himself, following in the footsteps of Efthymis Kioumurtzoglu, declared that no one coaches a team and that they all belong to their bosses, but to each other.

In this case, the problem is not the pronoun of ownership, but the branding of basketball and PDO!

Protected Designation of Origin, duh!

Brine of feta and repeats

Therefore, Olympiacos proves that apart from the traditional Greek feta, this special category can also include the basketball produced by them and taken care of preserving them in brine!

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After all this and while there are still five more games to go before the curtain falls on the regular season, I dare say Partzokas feels the danger … 18, when he was in Belgrade, he led Olympiacos to the Final Four.

In this case, it will be good for him, making the rhyme: after recognition (from the praise of his colleagues), he will also receive prizes, so that – if and as long as the work in the qualifiers does not go bad – he will also receive the famous title in Kaunas!

The basket that became a coffin

All of this of course seems at the moment premature and hasty, yet both coaches and players (should) avoid big mouthed phrases as hell and keep their butts!

They should keep a little basket, but Olympiacos sees – quite literally – his basket grow and become a coffin!

Oh, lest I forget: apart from the coaches (not excluding Pablo Laso, who is currently in the Bor system, Sarunas Gasikifexos, Ettore Messina and he just doesn’t get along with the others) Olympiacos pulls banter constantly and without the slightest bit of a kink.

Red bizek and eggplant Obradovic

And suddenly, the son of the former player of Iraklis Marko and the grandson of the coach of the Serbian national team, Svetislav Pesic, appeared individually, wearing, as he says, the Olympiacos shirt.

I don’t know how good this young man is or what he can become, but let the Piraeus keep him in the cellar for the future, after all, for their sake his grandfather was once mistaken for the Obradovich!

I was an eyewitness and an eyewitness, in the 1999-2000 season, in the press room of the Max-Schmeling-Halle in Berlin, where after Panathinaikos’ victory over Alba, the then coach of the German national team) Pesic confused and said “oCongratulations… Olympiacosยป!

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Zotes stared at him as he turned the proverbial eggplant color, and Pesic was quick to admit his blunder and apologise, with the European champions’ coach laughing it off!

VyzenkovAnd Same best player

As for Vyzenkov, I consider it superfluous to get involved in his party for two main reasons …

First, others here have outdone me.

Second, there have been, are, and will be more opportunities to do so.

Sasha isn’t done yet, he still has more room to break through his roof, and in fact he finally embraces the meaning of the proverb.My new sieve, and where do I hang you? Acquiring a hobby that becomes a profession: The winning buzz beats (see Rhodes, Kaunas).

In addition to being a clutch player, the Bulgarian striker, without any doubts or objections, is also something else: the best virtual player in the Euroleague!

Last year he was included in the top 5 alongside Shane Larkin, Mike James, Eddie Tavares and named Most Valuable Player Nikola Mirotic, but this year he ate a wrap of them all and his shoulder!

Panathinaikos’ excuses

Two hours after Olympiacos passed Kaunas, where it aspires and expects to return in triumphant fashion in two months from now, Panathinaikos has done the same in Lyon.

Unlike the Reds, for whom every win adds value to their account, the Greens have more modest ambitions and basically want to get as far as possible from the bottom of the table and finish in a decent position, if only for the sake of the pretensions they have gained in recent times … First and last name.

They are called… Lefteris Mantzoukas!

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Unfortunately for this year’s investment, goals, glorious history and reputation, Panathinaikos were knocked out of the playoffs for the third season in a row and had to turn their attention to the Greek League playoffs very early on.

Hooters and Derby Sunday

When it comes to the final result, yesterday’s win against Villerban is not everything.No profit hornsAs my late father used to say!

It will probably be like this, if Panathinaikos does not face Olympiacos the day after tomorrow in the derby, because – since it already bears the burden of 11 consecutive defeats – it needs a psychological boost and peace of work in training.

It just so happens that there are two consecutive matches with Olympiacos (March 19 and 31), and bye!

Of the events that took place in Lyon, other than the competitive part par excellence, a picture of me was clicked that is worth focusing on.

I haven’t spoken to George Papagiannis, but I’m sure he saw and knew what happened last Monday in Sacramento…

Papagiannis, Mantzoukas, Lopez and Antitokonmo

In the Bucks vs. Kings match, Brook Lopez put his bet up front and dueled with Tre Lyles to defend Giannis Antetokounmo as well as did BJ (as Rick Pitino calls him) against De Poste for Lefty Manjuca.

Of course, it is risky to generalize a single incident, but – with the exaggeration in which I often fall – I encourage that this technical punishment “eaten up” by the Megarios center to correct its already large prestige against compatriot Vyzenkov may be worth it more than the victory of Panathinaikos itself!

In any case, it seems like a message that in the general chaos, brother, the company is not lost either!